Swatches: Naild'It - Grapevine

By Lizzy O. - July 17, 2012

Hello Dearies.

I've got swatches of Naild'It - Grapevine  for y'all today.
I chose to layer this polish over Two Beautiful Zoya polishes I showed y'all yesterday - Mimi and Kendal.

Not much talking is needed, so here we go!

First up, Here is Grapevine over Zoya - Kendal. 

The Glitters in this polish are seriously on steroids. lol... Like a BOMB. Shattered, chunky, bars, small, beautiful!
Naild'It did well!

Then I chose to layer Grapevine over Zoya - Mimi. 

I must say, this combo is lovely especially because it shows off the white glitters a lot more, BUT I love Grapevine more over Kendal because it shows off all the glitter in Grapevine.

And Of course, here's a swatch of Grapevine on its own. So pretty!

Grapevine is a unique polish that Naild'It created for the purpose of my giveaway. She made only a limited quantity, so I can't guarantee availability in Her Etsy Shop, but I must say, if you love what you see, Go ahead and enter my giveaway HERE for a chance to win it. :-)

Check out Naild'It on Facebook HERE.

That's  it for now.
Till later, God Bless.

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