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Official 4th of July Mani

Happy 4th of July Sugars!!!!

This post is titled "Official 4th of July Mani" because this is the mani I'm wearing TODAY, the 4th of July.
I did two 4th of July Posts already this week and you can check them out HERE, and HERE

Wondering what 4th of July is? CLICK HERE .

Anyhoo, Happy Independence day everyone!!
Making this post now because I don't know what else the day might bring.  Everyone's bound to be busy.
BBQs, Hangouts, Laughter, and Joy I pray. :-)

On to the mani then!

Well, Honestly, I was tempted to leave the mani I shared with y'all yesterday on my nails for 4th of July. BUT, I chose not to be lazy, and decided to try doing something funky on my nails.
I'll be seeing friends and I'm sure someone out there would be "curious" as to what I have on my nails. LOL.. So YES, that Motivated me, and I got to work, so as not to disappoint. hahaha...

I whipped out some stamping plates, a Blue, White and Red polish. Duhh right?

I went all out and Did something on all nails on BOTH hands. Yes, I had time.

The result? Here ya go.

I used the same colors on both hands. But Since I couldn't decide "EXACTLY" what I wanted to do, I went with the flow. Honestly, I did things as they came. I put out all the plates that had Stars, U.S.A, and Swirls on them.

For my right hand, I used plate CH4 (Middle and pinky) and B34 (Index and Ring. Also with some stars I selected from CH4).
4th of July mani

Left Hand: CH34 only.
Short nails here, Since my right hand gets featured on the blog, my left hand hasn't shown up here in a while.
I can't decide which nail length I Love more, so I'm kind of enjoying the best of both worlds. :-D
4th of July mani

Once I got done with the Mani, I added a coat of China Glaze - Fairy Dust to each nail. And used Seche vite to seal it all.
Note* I also used seche vite before stamping. Fast dry and good in case I needed to erase something without messing up my base color.

Here's everything I used for this mani.

Seche Vite, Zoya Purity, DL It's Raining Men, CG Fairy Dust, WnW Saved by the Blue. 

Didn't clean plates before picture.. blah.
CH4, B34

Well Darlings, That's it for my 4th of July Mani.
The day's beginning now. I hope I get to see some fireworks.

BTW, in case anyone was wondering, I'm right handed. Lol... BUT I prefer my right hand nails on the blog, so I go through much trouble swatching/doing nail art with my left hand. Lol..

Enjoy your day everyone. :-D
Till Later, God bless.


  1. my right nails are always shorter, that's why they rarely make it to the blog..eh.

    that's cool though, cause at least you push yourself to do the art with your left hand. There's a lotta stuff I won't try yet because I just know my left one can't handle it lol

  2. Looks great, Lizzy! Super fun and I really like the USA star stamp. Happy Independence Day!!

  3. Better impossible!! You're amazing, I love it :D

  4. I love that u went with the flow and this mani came out amazing! I usually go in with a plan but this shows that sometimes doing whatever comes to you can come out just as nice!

  5. beautiful mani! i love the alternation of stars and stripes (: i didn't get a chance to do a patriotic mani cause summer classes have got me really busy, so i've been living vicariously through all the bloggers that got their usa nails didddd!


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