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Blogger Meet Up with Kerrie from Gorgeous Glamour **Picture SPAM**

Hello Darlings..

Today's post was supposed to be on the blog a couple of weeks ago... But due to some inexplicable reasons some people might call laziness, it was delayed till today.  Lol..

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with the beautiful Kerrie of Gorgeous Glamour!
Remember Kerrie? I got an award from her a while back, and she's an awesome makeup artist/blogger.

We have been phone pals for a while and since we live close to each other, we set up a lunch date to meet up.

Myself and Kerrie Met up at Cheesecake Factory and when I rolled  into the restaurant, I saw her sitting at a corner and Shook my head at myself for being LATE. Lol...
A Bad Habit I truthfully NEED to stop!

I expressed my apology and she smiled warmly and gave me a hug...
After that... everything went Awesomely well and better than I could have imagined.

It was as if we'd known each other for more than 5 years. We started with small talks like complimenting each other on our nails, makeup. Then moved on to talking about blogging. Then came our delicious meals and desserts and more conversation about other random things and some parts of our lives.
We shared jokes and even joked about how we hoped the other person would look like they did in their pictures when we saw each other in person. Lol..
We also *almost simultaneously* both said we informed our loved ones of our whereabouts. Because one can never be too careful these days. ;-)

Below are some Pictures I took that day...
So many Pictures. :-D

Kerrie's Appetizer

Her Meal...

My Meal...

And Our Dessert.. The One in front is mine. It was Divine!!! 

Her Nail Polish is Zoya - Arizona.
I love that lip color on her!!!

And Here's Kerrie and I.

Outside of the restaurant, we had to have a mini photo shoot session. Lol...
Beautiful Kerrie here...

I was happy to put my photography skills to work. Haha..

And Kerrie took some pictures of me too.
I wore a dress because the weather was beautiful that day!!
*Takes a moment to reminisce about that beautiful weather*...

Hey Hey Hey.. Purple is my Favorite Color.. Of course I wore it to my first ever blogger meet up! Lol..

And here I am in my car heading back home after a very fun Lunch!!

Ohh ohh... Before I forget...
My mani was Zoya - Aurora.
I wore a nail Polish Ring I made a long long time ago with a BUNCH of purple and blue nail polishes.

And... That's it for the picturementory (Picture documentary) of my First Blogger Meet Up.

It was nice to talk to this beautiful lady on a face to face basis.
There's more to her than make-up and blogging as she's also someone who dedicates her time to helping young ladies and women in the society who are battling with self esteem issues.

As you can see from the pictures, Kerrie and I met at a Very open place during daylight, in a popular restaurant close to both of us. 

I had to italicize our "meet up joint", because I want to place emphasis on the fact that our first meet up was carefully planned by both of us because even though we had gotten somewhat comfortable with each other via phone/text conversation and online interaction. Safety should ALWAYS come first when meetings like this take place.
I and Kerrie also informed our loved ones of our whereabouts that day.
I hope no one will raise any concerns since I've clarified this RIGHT now. :-)

If you care to, Please check out Kerrie on Gorgeous Glamour's BLOG and FACEBOOK Page.

I've got questions for you all today..
- Have you ever met beauty/nail polish enthusiast like you?
- If you could meet any blogger today, who would you want to meet?

I'm gonna answer the second question I asked you all...

If I could meet any blogger of my choice today, I TRUTHFULLY have so many bloggers to list.. BUT, If I had NO CHOICE but to choose one... I would like to meet Jess of LuvMyLacquer!! Just so that I can meet her cute little angel... her daughter Gabby who is EXTREMELY Gorgeous!! haaa!! And of course, also to meet Jess and learn some water marbling skills from her! That lady is just TOOO GOOD!!

Anyhoo, That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. It's nice to meet you too. No,i never meet any blogger ever. I would like to meet some bloger from Croatia who live near me.

  2. yeah so fun!! hope we do it again!!

  3. Love that dress you wore. You look gorgeous in those photos!

  4. Looks like fun - you both look beautiful!! I have never met any blogger in real life, but I totally would because I none of my friends "get" my polish obsession and it would be nice to have someone to discuss it with in person - or better yet, shop for polish with me! :D I'd want to meet Maggy of Daily Lacquer, because I just adore her! :)

  5. looks like so much fun!!! and omggg i love the revamp of ur site so pretty!!! i kept scrolling up and down like a child hehe

    1. i've met u!! LOL does that count ? bahahah i dont know i have a long list of bloggers i wanna meet, like Nic nic from bangbangsheshoots or Lena from lenaallure, and becca from oomph

  6. Purple is your color. It looks so good on you. You are gorgeous! Kerri is beautiful too. I love her hair. Looks like you ladies had a great time. :)

  7. you look beautiful dear. Purple is also my favourite colour!


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