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Something New... Something Blue....

Hello Sugars....

Happy New Week!
Quick question:  Were you eager to read this post when you saw the Title??

Well, Sorry I tricked ya... There are no wedding bells ringing over here loves.

The Something New is My NEW BLOG LAYOUT!!! Yeppers, I was inspired to Change things up on the Blog Last Night.
I rearranged, removed, added, tweaked, and change so many things on the blog and I am VERY happy with the result!
The weather is getting cold around here, the leaves are falling, and it's about to be a new year, so IT was JUST the perfect time for a change on the Blog too.
I tried to stay away from PURPLE, but everything I changed to just Did Not appeal to me, so I decided to stick to my Absolute favorite color while still giving the blog a Look that is SOOOO ME!!!
I have links to all my Social Networking Sites on the left, and I'll let you figure out the remaining changes on your own.. ;-)

The Something Blue is the Polish I'll be showing you today.
This is "All That Glitters - The Jean Genie".

This is a light blue based Glitter polish with white Bar, Silver and blue hexagonal shaped glitters as well as little silver glitters.

I Layered it over Zoya - Wednesday  for my swatches today. 

I Truthfully love the subtle look of the glitter, in that it's not too POWERFUL when layered over Wednesday. 
Nat over at NoHolos Blog gave me this a while back, and Yes it has taken me THIS long to wear it.
Such a BIG Mistake because I LOVE IT so much and wish I had worn it earlier.

Anyhooo Dearies...
That's it for now...

Tell me though, Do You Like the changes I made on the blog?
And what are your thoughts on this polish?

Looking forward to your response...
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. love the new layout~!! and the polish looks amazing.. I don't like bar glitters but that look pretty subtle and nice.. Not overpowering indeed.. Good combi and I like it

    1. Yeah, the subtlelity is what makes me like it too.

  2. The new layout looks great! (Who doesn't love purple!)
    This mani is stunning, very wedding hehe ;)

  3. This is really beautiful! I love this combo!


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