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Christmas Nail Art & Review: GALS Stamping Plates - Fairy Set

Good Day Sugars... 

After Yesterday's JOKE that I shared with you all, I can't even begin to express how much laughing I've done because of those of you that fell for it. :-D
Interestingly, some people "Liked" the mani, and I can only say.. WOW... It is true that One Man's food is another man's poison. 

Anyhoo, Today I've got some stamping plates to show you all. 
You must know by now that I'm not the best at freehand nail art, so Stamping plates are my best friends when I want to do nail art. 

This is GALS stamping Plate - The Fairy Set. 
GALS Cosmetic is a Subsidiary of CHEEKY. 

Since this Post is a Picture Spam, I urge you to please Click Read More below to read my review and view the nail art I created with one of the plates in this set. 

NOTE: You can click on Images to view them bigger. 

The Plates come with this Paper for a QR code.
You can scan the code with your phone. 

The plates come in Regular Stamping plate size.
Here I have compared them with the biggest single plates we've seen from Cheeky.
The GALS plate is on top of the Cheeky Plate.
CLICK HERE to view comparisons of the Cheeky plate with other plates.
I've done this comparison so many times that I didn't have to do it again this time. 
The Gals plate are regular and fit regular nails just fine as you'll see in the nail art I did below. 

Each Of these plates came with the Blue cover we see on stamping plates. 
Remember to remove those before using. 

And Now, Here are all the Plates (Blue cover already removed). 

As you can see, There are so many Images that can be used Year Round on these plates.
The Fairy Set certainly has some girly designs, and I love the Christmas ones on some of the plates.

Since it's Christmas season, I chose to create a festive-ish Nail Art with GA27!

The Design looked like an abstract Christmas Tree to me.

My base Polish was Ultra Nina Pro - Purple Xing.
This Polish deserves a post of its own, and I'll try to put that on the blog soon!
It's Purple with holographic particles in it. The Holos remind me of Christmas Lights.
Who doesn't LOVE a Purple Christmas? I love all things Purple y'all!!

As you can see above, The plates stamp well. 
Images showed up well on my nails, and they cover every inch of my nails well. 
If you scroll back to the first picture, you'll see that the images even covered my Thumb Very well. 

There are so many Images I would like to use if time permits me in this set! 
Do you own GALS image plates? 
Have you done any Christmas-y nail arts? 
Post a link in the comment, I'd like to see...
As I always say, Commenting on my blog is the fastest way to get me to view your blog. :-)

Anyhoo, That's it for now sugars. 

If you're interested in this Set, Please Check Out Gals Cosmetics on Their Website, Amazon page.

Till Later, God Bless. 

Gals Plates provided for review. Opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Ooh, I thought the GALS plates were shorter than the new large Cheeky plates. Here it looks like they are the same height maybe?

    1. The plates are smaller than the Large Cheeky Plates. The plates are the same size as Old Cheeky plates.

      The images in the GALS plates are same as Cheeky's First set of plates, The size found here: http://www.thediylady.com/2012/05/review-and-nail-art-cheeky-single.html

      So... The picture here implies that the images in GALS plates are a tiny bit smaller than those in Cheeky's large plate.

      They are same height, but Not same width.

    2. Whoops - yes, I meant the images (not the actual plates). Glad you understood! My thumb is so large (wide & tall) I have to stick with the XL images or else do the dreaded double stamping.

  2. These look awesome!! :D I love the design you chose for your nails :D

  3. wow i really love the notd!! i think i need to venture out in the plates world, so many amazing design possibilities!!

  4. Purple Xing not my fave polish, , however you jazzed it up very nicely. Me likey! :-)

  5. I would love to own some Gals stamping plates, but they don't ship in my direction. I love your nail art! :)

  6. I love the stamp you used from these plates. I have thinking about getting a set of them, they seem really great!

  7. Love the whole mani! After one bad expeerience with Nina Ultra Pro I kind of gave up on them but this polish has me changing my mind :) Love the plates and the color :D

    1. Oh bad experience?
      This is my first from them and I love the formula and look of the polish.

      you should try them again. Maybe they improved?

  8. Cute stamp! I really need to use my bottle of Purple X-ing already!


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