Personal: I want to go Back to Therapy

By Lizzy O. - December 17, 2012

Hello Darlings...

Hope y'all are doing fine today.
Today's Post is a very personal one.

Most of you know by now that I use a wheelchair for everyday living.
I have shared posts about my life using a wheelchair with you guys.
I thank God for making me an inspiration to someone out there, and I'm glad I have been able to accomplish so much despite using a wheelchair.

Over the past couple of months, I've been contemplating going back to therapy for my journey to start walking.
My faith has always been that I will Walk again because I know nothing is impossible with God.
I have decided to  couple my faith with WORK and go back to therapy at a place called PROJECT WALK. 

The reason I'm writing this on my "Hobby" blog is because I need your help.
I started a fund raising page to raise funds to go back to therapy.

More info on this can be FOUND HERE.
Whatever you're able to donate will be very well appreciated.

I might even be having a polish sale soon to help raise money faster. :-(
Y'all know it's serious when I have to let go of my babies. Hahaha... BUT This is for a good cause.. right?

Oh, and Thanks Darlings, and I'll get back to regular schedule on the blog soon.
I'll try not to bombard y'all with too much about this on this blog.
If you want to follow me on my journey to get back walking and stuff, please CLICK HERE to go to my other (slightly boring) blog. LOL...
Oh and I'll also be updating via my Instagram @TheDIYLady

That's it for now darlings.

ONCE AGAIN, Please CLICK HERE to Donate Any Amount you can.
I appreciate whatever I get.
Till Later, God bless.

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