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Review: Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush + FOTD

Hello Everyone.
Over the past couple of months, I've gotten really serious about using the right make-up tool for the right things. 
I usually just 'wing' stuff and use whatever works, but after learning from so many people that using the right tools/brushes actually makes life easier make-up-wise, I was interested in finding the right make-up tools. 
Over the years, I've tried using different drug store bought brushes and I didn't like them, so I was on the hunt for the right kind of makeup brushes. 
A couple of Weeks ago.... I Got this Real Technique Make-up Brush, and it's been a LOVE relationship ever since! This is the expert Face Brush, and it's what I'd like to call THE TRUTH. Lol... 
I now see the reason why everyone said it's great to use the right tools for make-up. 

I use this to apply my facial powder (A MAC Studio Fix Powder).
I don't usually wear foundation or concealer, just the loose powder, and this brush totally works perfectly.
110CANON3 by Lizzy O.

Here's the Brush in its Case.
Real Technique - Expert Face Brush

As you can see, it's quite lengthy which I like. The handle fits perfectly in ones hand.

The Brush part is soft and also very firm. I know, sounds like an oxymoron, but it's soft enough to where it doesn't hurt your face, but firm that it totally distributes the powder to the areas it needs to go.
This is my favorite thing about this brush. It doesn't absorb powder and it takes just enough and distributes it evenly over ones face.

I wish I can fully explain how much I truthfully love this brush. I've had it for about a month now. YES, it took me that long to review it because I wanted to be really sure about the quality before I blogged about it.

I was expecting the brush hairs to start falling off, or become soft and turn into mush, BUT NO, That has not happened yet. THIS Brush still looks great and it's the best powder brush I've used thus far.

Real Technique has definitely given my make up application a totally different meaning. I am now on the look out for more of their brushes.
The brushes I used before this would eat up my powder and then the hair on the brushes would  fall off all over my face in less than 2 weeks of use. Quite an annoying thing to have brush hair stuck on your face after "making up".

Once again, I've used this RT one for about 1 month and the brush part still holds firm!

Here's a Quick Collage of a make-up Look I did a couple of days ago. This brush helps me distribute powder evenly over my face. I Love it. :-)
Cell Phone Pictures in my car... Lol...
My FOTD doesn't require much description.. Lol..
Eyeshadow: Kleancolor Gold.
Lipgloss by Ruby Kisses, and my MAC Studio Fix Powder.

Real Technique Brushes can be found On their Website and ULTA stores Nationwide.

Have you tried any brush by this brand?
I'm very impressed!

That's it for now dearies.
Till Later, God Bless.

This Brush was Provided for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. This brush looks fabulous! I can see why you're sold. It is amazing how much the right brush can optimize your looks. Oh, and your skin... amazing.

    1. Thanks dear. Indeed a good brush can optimize ones looks. The brush places the powder in the right spot. I don't even know how best to explain it. It is a very good tool.

  2. pretty fotd!! wow thats an amazing brush!! the right brush does make your makeup easier to do! love ur eyeshadow soo pretty!! :D

    1. YES YES it does.

      I am so used to using gold eyeshadow. i need to get out of my comfort zone. But thanks love.

  3. You are so gorgeous!!!


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