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Review: OMG Nail Strips - Christmas Tree Nail Art

Hello Love Muffins...
To think it's Friday Baffles me! I hope your week has been eventful...

Christmas is coming closer, and in the nail world, most people are starting to think of the perfect mani/nail art they'll have on their nails for that glorious day!

Personally, I am not great at freehand nail art/design so I am always on the look out for "easy to achieve" nail art designs. 
I generally go for doticures, stamping or other form of easy nail arts. 

Another form of easy nail art I know is to use nail art strips or Nail Foils. 
Today, I shall be reviewing one of these by OMGNailStrips.Com
This is called The Christmas Tree Nail Foil on their website, and it's a Pretty White Christmas Tree on a red Base. 

Lookie Here...

And Here's how they were packaged. 
I got two Designs, but chose to review the more Season Appropriate one. 

Behind Each Pack is an instruction on how to apply the foils to your nails.

Since I have used nail foils before, I generally already knew how to apply these and didn't need their instructions. Lol..
I also found out that their instruction is kind of slightly misleading. 

NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO CUT THESE as stated in #3. 
Once your nails are dry and clean (No hand creams, no base coat, just dry nails), Go ahead and apply the nail foil on your nails as shown below. 
Once you've placed the foil on your nail very well... Use a Nail File to file off the excess nail foil. 
Do this in a "Downward" filing manner so that you don't ruin the part covering your nail. 

I Love that these foils actually fit the curve of my nails perfectly. It's AMAZING that they do without needing to CUT them. 
There's a strip that's sure to fit each finger in the pack. 

Here's another picture for your viewing pleasure.
How pretty are the trees?!

Here are the rest of the strips I was left with after doing these four nails for my review. There's a lot more left to be used for a full mani if I choose to.
(I Know 5 strips are missing, but that's because I used one as an experiment).

 I like these foils, and if you, like me, don't have much talent in the Nail Art Department, I'm sure you'll love these.

These have a natural gloss to them, so you shouldn't need to add topcoat.
The pictures you see above are WITH NO topcoat, but I did try to use topcoat.
I found out that Seche Vite Top coat shrunk the nail foils and slightly lifted them up from the nail I applied Seche Vite to.
Regular Topcoat (Color Club topcoat) worked fine with this.
BUT, you really DO NOT need topcoat with these. 
No Glue, blow dryer, heat, or anything else is needed for application and once they're on your nails, they adhere pretty strongly.
I tried to peel these off my nails after some minutes of application and can you believe they wouldn't even budge till I saturated my nail with polish remover??
THAT is a WIN in my Book!!!
(Note: If you make mistake during application, you'll be able to remove and adjust them. But once you have used your fingers to press them on your nail and waited for more than 3 minutes, you might not be able to remove to adjust.
THIS is a good thing, because that means the strips will last long on your nails.

I will suggest these to my non-polish obsessed friends who want nail art but can't sit still to have it done. Application for these 4 nails took me about 15 minutes you guys. Including placement and filing the excess strips off!!!
These Nail Foil Strips are lovely!!

Anyhoo, that's it for now sugars.
OMG Nail Strips has many more designs and you can check them out on their Website.
Also Stay in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Till Later, God Bless.

Sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. These are adorable and that red is perfect! I'm kind of infatuated with red foils right now... must be the holodays, lol. :)

  2. beautiful!! perfect fro Christmas!! thats also good that it stays on quite well!! thats deff a plus!!

  3. I'm with you - stamping, dotting, etc. Sure I could do some awesome free hand art on my left hand (I majored in painting), but I like to have both hands match, so I keep it simple. Especially when it's something you're going to have to repeat 10 times!

  4. These are really adorable! I can never get foils to apply right on myself >.<

  5. great review! Those trees are adorable. I suck at nail art, so these would be great for me :)

  6. They look really cool! I've never tried foils myself, yet anyway :D

  7. Precioso el diseƱo, y perfecto!!! el print animal en rojo me encanta. saludos!

  8. Oh wow these are so cute! And so easy too. Love it!


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