10 days Challenge - Day Four (Animal Print)

By Lizzy O. - November 19, 2011

Hello Ladies..

SO I found out blogger has a thing where you can schedule a post to publish at a specific time during the day. Well we just learn new things everyday now don't we. 
I will be setting this post to launch at 6:00am (Saturday morning), and I will be back during the day to see if it really did it. lol.. I know it should, but wow, I'm amazed! 
Also, my middle finger-nail on my right hand broke (something with the middle fingers on both hands), but I refuse to file down my other nails. I am telling myself it doesn't look weird/bad, so I'll let it grow and catch up. You'll see what I mean in the pictures. 

Anyway, Today is day 4 of the 10 days challenge (time is moving)! And the list calls for ANIMAL PRINT. 

I didn't want to do leopard skin because I used that stamping plate for my Rainbow nails, so I chose to do Zebra prints. 
My mani today has a relaxing feel to it, mostly because I needed to rest from going all out on my Hello Kitty Nails yesterday. Today, I chose to use China Glaze (Emotion), and stamped on it with BM plate 223 using konad special black polish.
I love China Glaze polish. One coat was enough, but I used two. Smooth application and dries quickly too. 
I didn't Use Seche Vite TC this time, because I need to save my baby from finishing too quickly...lol.. Afterall these are daily manis. I used Nurtrinail Speed dry topcoat (which  I don't think is on in these pictures).


I love my ring finger-nail. *sigh*

Is my middle finger Odd? Should I file down the rest of my nails? Do You even notice a difference?  Let me know what you think.

Oh, remember my dearies, I'm not doing this challenge alone, so Please visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge. Leave a comment for them as well.. ;-)

Thanks for reading, Have a lovely weekend. Till Later, God Bless. :-)

*schedules post* This is so gonna be exciting. Publishing a post while I'm sleeping.. Hehehehehe... 

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  1. I love zebra print & the colors you chose for this mani! Nice stamping & I didn't even notice a difference in your middle finger =)

  2. I have zebra toooooo. Hahha funny how we picked the same.

  3. Well zebra print. But mine was turned into a tiger hehe

  4. @Lizzy

    Zebra prints is really nice on ya, love the color too

  5. I was actually going to try and free hand zebra, but I tried to free hand the leopard print instead...oh dear. LOL It's not great looking. I love seeing how this looks, thought. I'm really tempted to get Konad stuff, but omg, I can't keep adding more polish and polish related stuff to my stash...I'm running out of room!

  6. Thanks Jessica. I guess I notice because I know it broke. lol... Guess it's not that obvious.

    Ida, Ha, I've been busy all day, but now that I'm seeing your nails, I'm like.. Ohh sweet. I almost used my m57 konad plate, but I went with BM instead. Yours looks great transitioning from leopard to zebra!

    Destiny, Thanks thanks. I am loving china glaze too. It hasn't chipped all day and it looks great.

    Carina, I like the leopard you free-handed. I think these plates are great investments, even though they might make one lazy. lol... I think you should get basic plates. You most likely won't need to buy additional polishes, because some regular polishes stamp really well. I'd say you start out with the 25 piece Bundle Monster plates.

    Thanks for all your comments ladies. :-)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oh no...I read my comment here - when I wrote "It's not great looking." I meant my freehand wasn't great looking - not your animal print! I love the color combos you used. I'm a sucker for pink and black.

    I wanted to clarify that because it looks like I'm totally saying something negative about your challenge of the day. I'm not. I promise. :D

  9. Lol, I didn't see the comment before you removed it. And your freehand is not horrible, but with more practice, you can get it to where you'll be happy with it.

    I'm giggling reading just reading your last comment. It's ok.

    Although, I wouldn't be mad even if you said something negative. I love constructive criticisms. I enjoy learning. :-)
    But since you didn't mean anything negative, it's all good.

    Thanks for your comment Carina.

  10. i guess we all ended up doing zebra huh? lol i wanted to do paw prints =| but i like emotion thats a real pretty color =]

  11. Yes Tamira, I guess we did.. lol.. Ida added some leopard to her zebra though.

    Ore, thanks.


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