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Hair news and Nail Haul.

Hey Ladies.

Hope y'all are doing wonderfully well. Today, My main post is on the Nail Polishes I got while I was at the beauty shop. I went in to pick up some products for my hair -  speaking of my hair - *drum roll please*.....I have decided to go natural. I'm not doing a BIG CHOP, but I will be transitioning to natural hair. Which means, no more relaxer for me. I will cut my ends off as I go, but no BC.

Anyhoo, while I was at the beauty store, I saw some nail art polishes by "KleanColor". I decided to buy them so as to confirm if they'll stamp well (compared to the expensive Konad stamping polishes). I bought 4 different colors, and the good news is: not only were they .99cents each, they also stamp REALLY well. I will  definitely be doing some stamping when my BundleMonster plates get here. :-) I tried all the polishes I bought, but just fast paced trials (Pictures not blog worthy). I will do individual blog post for each polish over the next couple of weeks. They all are so pretty!

Enough Talking... Here are some PICTURES (Colors are as real as it gets). I told Y'all I'll be using my good camera for blog pictures. ;-)
L-R: KleanColor - Texan Cowboy, Passion Flame, Popping Pink, Aqua Twist

 I also picked up some regular nail polishes by KleanColor...
L-R: KleanColor - Firework, Dark Red, Teal Envy, Sweet Pink.

I then saw these bottles and thought they were cute from far. When I got to them, I found out they were Ruby Kisses (HD). :-) I love the brushes that these came with... One stroke covers most of my nail.. No joke..
L-R: Ruby Kiss (HD) in African Voilet, Disco Diva  Bold and the Beautiful, Chocolate Romance

Since I never really liked cracked nail polishes, I don't know why I picked this 2012 polish, but one thing is sure though, I still don't like crackled/cracked nail polishes.  I also got cuticle oil by Ruby Kisses, and Purple shimmer polish by Ruby Kisses.
L-R: 2012 Tomorrow, Ruby Kisses, Ruby Kisses Cuticle Oil

One of my mails from Amazon came in, but it wasn't the one I was really waiting for.. :-( My China Glaze, and Bundlemonster stamping plates are still not here! Anyhoo, this is rhinestones for nail arts. 
Mash: 2400 Rhinestones in different colors. (I definitely didn't count..lol but the Amazon description said there are 2400 in this... *raised eyebrows*)
Finally, I made a YT video for this Nail Haul - just for the fun of it. I couldn't decide on what to Title the Video.. I had these options:
1. Nail Haul (Using Regular Nail Art Polish for Konad Stamping)
2. Nail Haul (Alternative Polishes for Konad Stamping)
3. Few Nail polishes I picked up including polishes that work for Konad Stamping

Yeah, I had different titles in my head, but these were top 3. I finally went with #1. Did I make the right decision? Watch the Video please and tell me what you think. Tips? Comments? Advice?
It's my first time so take it easy on me.. :-)

Till later Y'all.. God bless you.


  1. wow such a nice haul i love those bright pinks and reds!!

  2. Yeah, the pinks and red appear to be my favorites too. The pink one by Kleancolor is a really sweet pink... With streaks of silver. I will use them and take pictures soon. :-)

  3. @lizzy

    All those colors make my eye want them, love Kleancolor a lot too. Have you got your free nail polish from Zoya? Still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail, let me know when you get yours. I love the haul.

    Happy weekend to you

  4. No I haven't gotten them yet. With all the orders I'm sure they got that day, It will probably take a while to get our polishes to us. Lol... I will definitely let you know when I get mine.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment by the way, I enjoyed picking up these polishes. And have a wonderful weekend as well. :-)

  5. lol@Lizzy

    They got lots of order globally, well keep me updated when you get yours, will just forget about mine for now and be happy when it pops in the mail.lol

  6. I finally got mine in the nail.

    Going to swatch them later and post it. I'm excited!! :-)

  7. I meant in the "mail"* Lol...

    Let me know when you get yours..


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