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10 days Challenge - Day One.

Hey Lovelies,
So, today I begin the 10 day challenge which I told you I will be doing, together with three lovely ladies I met because of our love for nail polish.

Today is Day One, and the list calls for PINK NAILS. When I saw this, I immediately thought of Kleancolor's Neon Pink!!! I filed my nails down because my middle finger nail broke :-(

Anyway for today's challenge, I decided to do a french tip with my neon pink, and since I wanted to jazz it up, I accented my ring finger with rhinestones. I didn't use basecoat for this, but I used Seche Vite as my topcoat.

Here are pictures:  I had to take several shots to get the true color to appear. Flash makes the color lighter, but ALAS I got pictures that describe the true beautiful pink this is.

Ring finger up close. 
 And a side view... :-)

Overall, I'm happy with the turn out of today's manicure. Let me know what you think in the comment box. I can't wait to show you guys my ideas for the remaining 9 days.

Remember, there are four of us doing this challenge together. Visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with today.
I'm also going to view their wonderful ideas right now.

Till Later wonderful people. God Bless. :-)


  1. awws that is too cute! I wish my nails was a nice length and shape to do this. love it!

  2. Thanks Tamira, from what I see on your post for today's challenge, your nails are long enough for this. My nails are actually short right now. They are just at the tip of my finger.

    I had to file them down because of the middle finger that broke, and also because my french tips look more "french tip" with my nails short.

    My nail beds are not long, so whenever my nails get long and I do french tips, they turn out looking like I colored half of my nails, and left the other half untouched. So it's no longer "french".

    I hope I make sense. lol.. The only time I can french tip on my longer nails is when I used a base color before french tipping.

    Ok... enough of my ramblings.. Thanks for your comment. Hope you're as excited about me for tomorrow...... RAINBOW nails!!

  3. Did you freehand the french?
    Really liking the rhinestones.

  4. OMG! the color is really pretty on you, love this challenge. :=)

  5. Ida, I WISH I can freehand french tips. My hands aren't the most steady. Lol... I used scotch tape.

    Destiny, thank you.. :-) I'm enjoying the challenge too, and pray I'll be able to keep up. Looking at this color on my hand and how pretty it looks make me wish I can wear the manicure for a longer period. Lol..

  6. Oh...shiny! That is super pretty. I'm so uncreative I'm worried about the rest of the challenges, tbh.

    I like the rhinestones on your finger. Did you freehand that french? Oh, nm. I just saw your reply to Ida.

  7. Carina, also tbh, I am glad this challenge came along because it's forcing me to get creative, so let's enjoy this ride together. Just think of the first two things that pops to your mind when you see the day's challenge, and do something on your nails that reflects or expresses one or both of those things.

    When I saw pink nails, I thought of the brightest pink I had, and I thought of a happy girl. Diamonds are a girl's best friend they say, so I chose rhinestones for ring finger, because almost every girl wants to get married someday.
    At first I was almost going to back out of this, but with all you wonderful ladies deciding to do this together, I was like "Ok, let me do this".

    My Goodness, I talk a lot..lol.. Hope I helped though.
    Thanks for your comment, and yeah about the french, Boy I wish I could freestyle. Every time I try to freestyle, i have globs of polishes at the tips, and the I have to fuss with q-tips/brushes and polish remover. Too much hassle for me, so I just use tape. I would do a tutorial video of this method, but there are already many on youtube. You can check those out if you want to know how it's done (that is, if you don't already).

  8. love your pink mani! especially the rhinestone accent finger, cute!

  9. I found you on the nails collector (facebook) I just followed. Your nails are pretty!! :D

  10. Cute! Have fun with your challenge :-)

  11. Thanks Jessica. :-)

    Thanks Rhonda.. I saw your post on the group. Thanks a bunch.

    To the sisters at SillyNails, thanks for stopping by. And Ohh, I'm excited about the challenge and I am already having fun.

    Can't wait to share the designs I come up with next with you guys.

  12. i love the pink and the rhinestone jewels with it :)

  13. Thanks MariJO, Elizabeth and Oreleona.
    I appreciate y'alls comments. :-)

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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