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Ruby Kisses HD - "African Violet" and BM plates

I am excited! My Bundle Monster plates FINALLY arrived today. I was very very happy. 25 new stamping plates - Ohh the endless possibilities. The plates I've opened so far stamp really well, and everything appears to be fine with them. Each plate came with a blue plastic cover, and once I took the covers off, they looked just like my Konad plate. I've heard people talk about how the edges of the BM plates are sharper than Konad plates, but mine are not as sharp as I imagined they would be (based on all the reviews). Also, my plates have a "bundlemonster.com" paper cover at the back of each plate - I forgot to take a picture of this, but I will update this post with a picture soon.
Also in the mail was my Seche Clear Basecoat. :-)
Bundle Monster Packet

All my BM plates (25), with My Seche Clear basecoat
After swooning over my new babies (lol), I got to painting my nails. I used Seche Clear Basecoat, then I chose Ruby Kisses HD "African Violet" from my recent Nail Haul and stamped on it with a design on BM plate 205 using my black Konad Stamping polish. Finished off for a great shine with Seche Vite Topcoat.

The HD nail polishes dry in about 1 minute or 2, and the brushes are Amazing. One stroke covered most of my nail.

Ruby Kisses HD "African Violet" (2 coats)

Ruby Kisses "African Violet" Stamped with BM 205,  Konad Black stamping polish
and sealed with Seche Vite top coat. 

I'm a happy girl! Have a wonderful weekend y'all. God bless you. :-)


  1. pretty!! i love this shade and the design!

  2. the design speaks for itself, love this one Lizzy, nice pattern

  3. The sharp edges are on the "OLD" set of 21 Bundle monster plates. I have that. But that bundle has been re-done with covers on the back. So it is safe to order that one along with the "NEW" 25 set of image plates that you have here.
    Thank you for following my advice on listing the products used.
    I would like to see the wide brush you are talking about. Maybe when you show us the next color from your latest polish haul.
    I just love it how cheap the bundle monster sets are. I just stamped from one of the plates myself today.
    I'll quit rambling now. It is just the wine in me. lol Too many sips.

  4. Thanks ladies. :-)

    Ore, remember I told you I really loved the pinks I got from my Haul. I just couldn't resist and had to swatch this one. I think the name also makes me like it (African Violet). lol..

    Destiny, Thanks a bunch. I am so happy trying on all the stamps on my plates.

    Ida, Ohhh, I see. I almost didn't get these plates because of the review on how "razor sharp" the edges were. I'm glad I went for it and got them. They're fabulous so far.
    And Yes Yes, I definitely took your advice. Thanks a bunch. I will take a picture of one of the brushes on the "Ruby Kisses HD" so you can see what I mean.

    Oh and speaking of the BM plates, I also just love how cheap they are. Love bargains! :-) There are lots of designs to choose from, and each transfers well.

    Oh I enjoy your ramblings. lol.. :-)*going over to your blog now*


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