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Tag: 14 Random Questions.

Miss L posted this on her blog and said she's tagging anyone who wants to do it, so I decided to go for it. :-)

1. Theatre or cinema? Why?
Uhmm. I'll say Cinema, although I do enjoy live shows sometimes. Theatre can be fun too.

2. If you had to choose whether to invest your money into a great concert or some kind of commodity, which one would you choose?
I'll definitely go with commodity. Has to be one I would love to be associated with though.

3. The most memorable concert you've ever attended?
Oh this is difficult. I haven't really been to a concert yet. I mean, I've attended music fests in my church, but I wouldn't really call those concerts.

4. A movie or tv-series that always cheers you up?
Movie that cheers me up would have to be Love and Basketball. Love stories make me happy. :-)

5. Nightstand book of the moment?
Sadly, nothing. Aside from my Bible, I have no other.

6. A Movie that you last saw?
Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. Yes, the name looks "weird" because it's a Bollywood movie. I love Bollywood movies, and enjoy watching them whenever I have the time to. Yes people, you gotta have time to watch Bollywood movies, because they run for 2 hours or more.

7. How much do you follow trends?
I have a mind of my own really, and I wear what I like, and what I feel like. But that doesn't mean I don't keep my eye on trends, just to see if there's something I'll like.

8. Something that has been a hobby of yours for a long time
No questions here, it would have to be Photography. I love taking pictures of people, MYSELF, nature, and all sorts! I love looking at pictures (weddings, fashion, nails and anything you can capture with a camera). I love editing pictures, and I am just a big Photo-person. It's a love affair, my hobby for photography.

9. A drink that goes with a cozy evening?
Cold days: Hot cup of chocolate/tea.
Hot days: A glass of orange juice seem to always do the magic.

10. Do you laugh a lot?
LOL... Do I? hahahahahaha, Yes, Yes I do.

11. If you could choose a decade to live in which one would it be? Why?
This is kinda hard. I'll stick to the 2000's. I love all the technological stuffs we have in my time. Lol...

12. Is there a TV-show you watch regularly? If so, which one?
My best friend jokingly says "If TV shows depended on me, they wouldn't make any money or have ratings/views". Lol... But, I don't think I'm that bad. If I had to pick a TV show I watch regularly, it would be Gossip Girl, because even when I miss an episode, I go online in my free time so I can catch up.

13. Would you prefer a lying-on-the-beach-vacation or a vacation full of sightseeing?
Can I have both please? Relaxation is nice, but what's a vacation without sightseeing?

14. An idealistic climate for you?
A not too hot, but still sunny day. I am not a big winter fan, so you know who's not happy about the weather change we're experiencing right now.

That's it for now.
So, I'd like to tag the ladies I'm doing my 10 days challenge with. TamiraIda, and Carinae.
I'm also Tagging DestinyOreleonaJessica and anyone else who wants to do it. :-)

Thanks for reading ladies. If you do this tag, tell me so I can check your page, or leave a link to your post in my comment box so I can read and learn more about you. :-)

Till later, God Bless.


  1. This tag is fun, I already answered some of them in my head.

    You are just fun lizzy, I enjoyed reading your answers. I love a drink that goes with a cozy evening, love hot chocolate so much.

    I think you wanted to write Texas weather because it's not too hot or cold here.lol

    love you girl, have a good weekend. Will look into the tag later

  2. Thanks. The weather is changing here in my side of Texas. It's like it's hot one week, and it's cold the next. Kinda messing with my body actually. lol.. I dislike cold.

    Looking forward to reading your answered questions. You have a fabulous weekend as well.. Love ya. :-)

  3. i am soo gonna do this! i love tags! thanks for tagging me liz!! :D

    PS i love ur photos! i saw the ones u uploaded on facebook! so lovely!

  4. You're welcome. :-)

    Thanks for your lovely comments. Glad you love the pictures. Let me know if you ever need a photoshoot or event coverage. ;-)
    Looking forward to reading your answers to the tag.


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