Zoya Jem Swatch

Hello lovelies.

Today, I don't feel like myself. Allergies, or should I say flu? I got my flu shot some weeks back, but somehow, here we are. Running nose, coughing, and blergghhhh! Anyhoo, I know my body is not a temple for sickness, so this thing needs to hurry up and get on outta here. It is well with me in Jesus name, and I'm getting better though.

I have a swatch of Zoya Jem (the second polish I got free on the Zoya website).

I really love this polish, because purple is one of my favorite colors. I'll let the pictures speak now.

I really love this polish.


I used China Glaze Passion for stamping, just to test whether or not it stamps as well as I heard. I wish I had chosen a different design to stamp with, or just not stamped at all. It somehow feels like I ruined Jem by stamping on her. :-( Oh well..

This stamping was done with BM plate 224.

By the way, I haven't decided which of my hands I should make my "picture hand". The nails on my left hand (as seen in this post) are shorter than the nails on my right hand. I don't know which I like best. What do you guys think?

Share your thoughts with me in the comment box.
Till later.. God bless you. :-)


  1. wow its so shiny and pretty and i love the design with the gold!

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