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10 days Challenge - Day Six (Favorite Celebrity Manicure)

Hey beautiful people.

Happy New week!! Today is day six of the 10 day challenge. Today, the List says "Favorite Celebrity Manicure".
I've never really paid that much attention to female celebrities manicure, so this was hard for me.
I didn't know what to do, but as I was watching the AMA last night, Taylor Swift's dress caught my attention. Not to mention, she appeared to be a favorite of the night (if her winnings were anything to go by).

At that moment, I decided I would do a manicure inspired by her dress. Hope this counts as favorite celebrity manicure?

What I used:
Base: Milani (Mr. Sandman)
Top: Wet n Wild (The Gold and the beautiful)

Today's pictures have no flash because I was trying to capture the true colors of the polishes.

When I was done with that, i thought the manicure looked WAY too simple (far from what a celebrity should wear), so I thought of a way to spice it up. Since "celebrity" screamed glitz and glam to me, I immediately thought of rhinestones. I accented my ring finger with some gold rhinestones.

I still wasn't happy with my manicure, so I kept looking through my polishes to see if I could find something to spice it up, make it look better, something, anything!
(At this point, I forgot all about Taylor swift's dress, and just wanted the manicure to make me happy.. lol).
Anyhoo, I saw my bottle of Firework by Kleancolor, and since I didn't like the last manicure I did with it, I decided to give it a second chance.

I carefully picked out the colored glitters, and placed them at the tip of my nails.
Thankfully, this made me happier.

 Final result with flash.

And this is inspiration behind today's manicure. 
Her dress is so beautiful, and I know my manicure didn't do it justice. But this made me realize I need some Holographic polishes in my stash. I think I've seen some nail polishes that achieve this look without as much hassle as I went through. 

Remember Ladies, I'm not doing this challenge alone, so Please visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge. Leave a comment for them as well.. ;-)

P.S: Sorry about my pictures today. I was trying something new, and as a DoItYourSelf Lady, I would rather mess with things than read manuals. lol... I am trying to perfect my "nail-photography". I discovered it's a different form of photography from what I'm used to. I will get my pictures to where I can genuinely say I love them. I'm learning my best angle, and all that comes with taking pictures of my nails and different polish colors. 

Thanks for reading. I mean, really, Thanks for reading.. :-)

Till later, God bless.


  1. very nice mani.. love the glitter accents!

  2. <3 very good mani! you did a fab job with the accent finger wit the rhinestones! and the glitter placements is nice too! I need to get some holo nail polishes myself, i just have 3 milani 3d holos but they really not holos tho! =|

  3. WOOOHOOO! Party on. This was amazing. I have to get that kleancolor glitter. But I think I will post my order after xmas. So it don't get lost.
    The accent nail is like Katy Perry disco ball nails.
    What helps when taking pictures is a light tent. A great DIY project. I made mine from a box. I also have 2 day light lamps.

  4. Thanks ladies. :-)

    Tamira, holo polishes might be my christmas gift to myself.

    Ida, hehehe... This does look like a party manicure.
    Katy perry is probably the only celebrity I've seen with the most funky manicures. She goes all out.
    Thanks for the photo tip. I will be using the lamp in my room for my next pictures and see how it looks. I'm googling and reading so many things about nail photography. lol... Sounds weird, but when I'm serious, I'm serious.

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!! out of the past 6, this is my favoritest (is that a word?! lol) by far. You have some serious skills of picking out the glitter. I'd have given up.

    What I like best about the mani? It really does remind me of Taylor Swift's dress. Brava! This one rocks.

    BTW - nail photography is a bit like jewelry photography...absolutely CRAZY! I have a canon point and shoot, but it shoots in RAW mode, too. So I have a JPG and a RAW mode photo each time I take a picture. It sounds insane, but the RAW mode really gets the color closer to real life color as possible. I have a light tent/light box, too...in storage. There is a photo store near me and they have a small light box w lights and it's about $60. you can make your own, but I tried reading a walk through...and got a headache. >< I decided to fork out a few more dollars for a thing that zips open and shut in addition to storing very easily.

    Have fun reading up on the stuff. I can answer some questions if you have any, but not all. LOL :

    PS Here is a small light box that I used to have...but lost in one of my many moves: http://www.amazon.com/Interfit-Photographic-Studio-Translucent-Shooting/dp/B000B78518

  6. Carinae!! You've put a big smile on my face. Thanks a bunch!! Picking out the glitter took patience, but it was worth it. I used my dotting tool to pick it out.

    I'm glad the mani looks remotely close to her dress. I almost felt like I got trying to make the manicure to my test, and ignored the dress... but since you see the dress in the mani, I'm a happy girl!

    Thanks for your info on the photography! I have a Canon DSLR, which shoots regular pictures amazing well... but with nails, I want to yank out my hair!
    I'm messing with my setting and using a lamp in my room now. Hopefully it all works out well.

    Thanks for the link on amazon, but as a DoItYourSelf Lady, I think I can make something like it. I'm gonna get my creative juices flowing. Thanks so much for your comment, and I'll be sure to buzz ya if I got any questions. :-)

  7. OMG Lizzy, bring on the bling bling, I love this one the best

  8. i still like it!!its very pretty! i love gold manis!

  9. Thanks ladies.. Looking at this now, I want to do this again..lol.

  10. That is so beautiful - i absolutely love it..


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