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10 days Challenge - FINAL DAY 10 (Ombre nails)

Hello dearies.

Hope you're doing fine today? And I also hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving day yesterday. I'm still stuffed from all the food I ate. lol..

Anyhoos, Today is the END of the 10 days challenge that I started 10 days ago. As you all know by now, Myself and 3 other lovely ladies I met as a result of our love for nail polishes, decided to all do the 10 days challenge together.

It was fun, very challenging, and time consuming, but I had a blast and I'm glad I was a part of it.

Today, the list calls for "Ombre Nails". Some people call it Gradient nails but basically it's using colors in the same group to do your manicure. You can paint a different color on each nail, or mesh your colors together on every nail.

I chose the meshing colors together option for my manicure today.
Since Purple is one of my favorite colors it only made sense that I had more purples in my stash. So I chose purple for today's manicure.

This was my first time doing Ombre nails/sponging, so it was a CHALLENGE for me, but I am happy with my result.
I didn't want to clean off yesterday's manicure, but I've been good throughout this challenge, and didn't want to mess up on my last day, so I went ahead and cleaned them off. :-(
I however, incorporated yesterday's main ingredient (Holo Chrome by kleancolor) into today's manicure.. lol... Yes I love Holo Chrome! :-)

Enough with the talking.... Enjoy the pictures. 

End result. 

Polishes I used (In order of use - Right to Left).
Starting from right to left. Zoya (Charity) as base, followed by Sinful colors (I love you), Sinful colors (Fuschia purple), Kleancolor (Neon Purple), Zoya (Jem), and Kleancolor (Holo chrome) on the tips. 

 Bonus picture of my nails right after I blended the colors.. Before Holo Chrome, or top coat. :-)
After blending my colors.. Using the sponging methods.

I added a flower from my BPS hello Kitty Stamping plate with China Glaze (emotion). As if my nails weren't busy enough. smh... Lol..

That's it for the 10 days challenge Ladies. Let me know what you think about my Final Challenge in the comment box, and I hope you had fun viewing my creations as much as I did creating them. I will be back to regular scheduling after my 2 weeks of rest. Lol.. Just kidding! 
I still have a post from yesterday's haul and other fun things coming up, so stay tuned.

I would like to give a shout out to the new followers I gained during this 10 days challenge. Y'all make my heart warm. :-) 
Thanks to everyone of you guys out there for your wonderful comments. I appreciate each word you say to me. 

I am running over to see what the other 3 lovely ladies I'm doing the challenge with did for their final Challenge! You should also check them out.. Visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie.

Till later.. God Bless. :-)


  1. Oh la laa. Nice! I liked the stamp on it. Now I might have to get China Glaze (emotion)

  2. Thanks Ida. :-) I really love all the polishes from China Glaze Romantique collection (warm). They are all so good for stamping too.

  3. I've heard that about the China Glaze Romantique collection -- it is a dream to stamp with. Of course I'd *heard* it, but at the time I was like, "What's stamping?" Oh, I was so young and uneducated then! lol

    Congrats to all of us for finishing the 10 day challenge! :) I am going to try and do untrieds from here on out.

    I love the gradient/ombre manicure when it's done like this. I do wish my nail bed were wide enough and long enough to pull it off. It looks fab on you...and I'm glad you were able to incorporate your holo into this one.

    PS I'm typing without my glasses and I just took out my contacts, so...please don't be upset with bad spelling or missing words in this comment! lol

  4. I also just heard about stamping this year... (Precisely the beginning of summer). I was soo amazed, and interested! lol... I learned that the Romantique collection was good for stamping from other bloggers, and I wanted my first CG to be multipurpose. lol, so I got the collection.

    I am so happy that we finished the challenge as well. I'm looking forward to your untrieds. :-)

    Oh and your nail beds appear to be like mine, so I believe you should be able to do this. My nail beds aren't that long either. I don't really fancy my nails being too long, but I believe if I let it grow out more, the ombre nails will be lots cuter cos I have more space to work with.

    Try doing it on your nails, I think it should still work.

    P.S: You made no mistake, and everything you said made perfect sense. :-)

  5. This is Nicole-- It wont let me comment after I signed up to be apart of your blog... but I love the poka dot!!!

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  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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