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10 days Challenge - Day Two.

Hey Lovelies,

Today is Day Two of the 10 days Challenge, and the list calls for RAINBOW NAILS. 

Of course, I immediately thought of  real "rainbows", but didn't know exactly WHAT I wanted to do about it.
Almost every idea I had included some free-handing nail art.
Since I am not the best - ok, truthfully, I'm not even in the zip code of being good at freehanding nail designs, I shied away from almost every idea that popped to my mind. 

At the end however, I had to get over my fear, and I remembered that this was a challenge after-all, and what fun is a challenge if you don't get challenged? Lol.. 
I whipped out my nail art brush, and decided to do one of the designs that was floating around in my head. 

Obviously, I used a lot of colors for today's mani (6 to be precise). I had a great time doing this, admittedly, It's not my best work, but hey, I only get to wear this for less than 24 hours. :-)

What I used for this Mani: I used a nail art brush,  all the colors from my Kleancolor Neon collection and topcoated with Seche Vite. (Pictures in the bottom).

 My lotion was lying around, so I decided to take a picture with it. The colors on the lotion are "rainbow-ish", so I was like.. Sweet. BTW, the lotion is called "Charmed Life" by bath and body works, and I love it.

As I stated earlier, I am not good at freehanding, and I've been spoiled by my stamping plates when it comes to designs, but I am trying and learning now. This next picture is of a nail art I decided to do on my rainbow colors. I know we have a challenge for animal print (which I have a great Idea for), but I wanted to use the leopard design as my art.
I'm talking too much again, Oh lord.. Ok, let me rush through this.
As part of my free-hand lesson, I started by doing leopard skin patterns on my index finger and ring finger. And when it wasn't looking like I wanted it to look, I stamped on my middle finger and small finger using BM plate 221.

I put drops of my colors on a stamping plate, and picked them up with the brush.

Remember to Visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge.

Thanks for reading Ladies. Till Later, God Bless. :-)


  1. Your creativity is amazing, the second one does it for me. I love the different colors and the print pattern, so cool

  2. I like it how you mixed up the colors instead of following the "traditional" rainbow.

  3. Yay posting without word verification woohoo - Thank you!

  4. Thanks Ladies. This was definitely something different for me.

    Ida, Oh You are sooooooo welcome. I'm not a big fan of "word verification" on comments either, but I can understand why some people have it on their blogs.

    Funny story, sometimes I comment on people's blogs, and forget they might have word verification. I usually am ready to just close the window, or I actually close the window and realize my post wasn't made cos I didn't really post it. :-(
    I realize that most people however, just don't know it's on their blog. They have to mess with the comment setting to figure it out.

  5. Yay! I tried to do my rainbow pointer finger with tape. That was as disaster. I love your rainbow because it's a bit more traditional. LOVE THE STAMPING. I really have to get a set of plates now.

  6. I really like your untraditional rainbow mani! It's really cool!

  7. lol awesome! i didnt even know you was going to do this! im so hatin on the fact that you squeezed in my colors tho <3 i tried and failed lol i think next time i do it imma sponge. but i love the colors you used tho and cant wait to see what you come up with tomorrow!

  8. i love the colorfulness of it and with the animal print! love it!

  9. Yes Carina, Get the plates. I have a feeling you'll absolutely love it!

    Jessica, Aww thanks.. the artistic bug bit me for this mani. lol..

    Tamira, hahaha... Same colors are in the rainbows. Glad you like this. I thought of sponging, but my short nails wouldn't fit all the colors if sponged them. They would be lost in each other.

    Ore, thanks my dear. :-)


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