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Nail Haul (Kleancolor Holos and Glitter)

What a beautiful day today is. 

After uploading and posting my final manicure for the 10 day challenge earlier today, I got some rest and had a wonderful rest of the day. :-)

Now, I can finally show you guys the drool-worthy polishes I picked up from the beauty store 2 days ago. 
I went to the store mainly to find some Kleancolor holo polishes, and glitter polish. I crossed my fingers for chunky holo Black, but it wasn't there. :-( I ended up buying 7 Kleancolor polishes and 1 Ruby Kisses HD polish. 


The Ruby Kisses (Mickey Mouse me), reminds me of my Zoya Charity. I probably should have picked another color. lol... 

If you've been reading my blog for the past two days, You will know by now, that I have a favorite from this haul..... and it's Holo Chrome. There's something about the polish that makes me happy! :-)
I already did a swatch of Holo Chrome HERE and I LOVE it! I can't wait to swatch the rest of the polishes for you guys.

Do you have any of these polishes? Do you like Kleancolor polishes or want to try them? 
I'm thinking of having a Christmas giveaway, but I don't know how it will work. It'll probably be for U.S Only residents, because whatever I'm giving away will be bought on amazon, and sent directly to the winner (from amazon), because I don't want to deal with shipping products or going to the store to buy something. Yes call me lazy... lol.  It'll most likely be Kleancolor polishes.

I think I'll do this though... a 3 weeks entry period, so that my winner(s) will get their gifts before Christmas. 

Anyways, more details later.. :-)

Share your thoughts with me in the comment box. Would you like some Kleancolor polishes? I'm feeling generous.. *big grin*.

I'll think this through. 


  1. I have a huge list of Kleancolor polishes I'm gonna get from BeautiJoint. But that has to wait until next year. Because next month I have a dentist appointment, (don't know how much that will cost, maybe $200-600) I need new glasses ($500-600) and I have to get a new bus card for public transportation (90 days $300). Life is a pain. But I think all of the KleanColors you got I have on my list ;)

  2. Ohh wee.. Life is indeed a pain sometimes.. :-(

    SO much expenses... sorry dear.
    I guess I'll do my giveaway then, so you can get a chance to win some Kleancolor polishes. Ohh wait, You're overseas! I might have to change my mind and mail internationally then... cos I would hate for you not to be a part of my giveaway.

    Speaking of giveaways, thanks a bunch for the one you had on your website. I'm so excited I won! Yay me.. :-)

  3. I'm loving the polishes. I keep meaning to order, but I just forget...Oh dear. :( I'm a bit frazzled. I wanted to do some stuff before I left for vacation. Not gonna happen. Ooops. :(

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