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China Glaze (Delight) + 3D steel balls

Hello Ladies...

Today I have a swatch of China Glaze - Delight.
A couple of weeks ago, I got some 3D steel balls from BornPretty Store, so I decided to show them to you and do some design with them.

I got the balls because I've been seeing some nail arts by some bloggers with the 3D balls. Somehow, the balls were a lot smaller in real life than I thought they would be. They were a pain to pick up and get on my nails, and are just too tiny for my liking.


Delight by China Glaze is a very warm color (Go figure! It's from the Romantique [warm] collection), so I guess that explains the warmness.
I kid you not, this polish was opaque in ONE coat! I didn't bother making it two coats because it was perfect just the way it was. It also doesn't take long to get dry.
I used Sally Hensen Topcoat and it somehow added tiny bubbles to my polish. Don't know how that happened.

Again, I don't really like the 3D steel balls, but since I have them, I'll use them once in a while. Here's a picture of all the colors I got. Each ball looks bigger in pictures (which was how I got fooled), but in reality, they are each like somewhere in between the tip of a pin and  the tip of a bobby pin.
Makes sense? Eh!

I like Delight for this winter weather.
P.S: All the colors from China Glaze Romantique collection are great for stamping!

Thanks for reading. Have a happy Sunday. Till Later, God Bless.


  1. The accent finger is so cool.
    You can send the Bullion Beads (steel balls) to me *Big grin*

  2. I like using these balls in the middle of flower stamps. They're easier to place if u get a tiny bit of clear polish on a toothpick to pick them up ;) cute mani!

  3. Thanks Ida, I guess I'm the only one who doesn't really like the steel balls. I'll keep these, but Once I can "buy nail things again" I'll keep you in mind. ;-)

    Jessica, I used a tiny dotting tool, dipped it in clear polish to pick them up, but it still was stressful.lol... They are sooo tiny!

  4. u go Lizzy, the color truly pops

  5. Thanks Destiny. Glad you think so. :-)

  6. The steel ballz....at first I thought you were talking aboutthe ones you throw into polish bottles to help mix them but then I was like...why would you need them in different colors?

    Are these sort of like...half pearl accent pieces? I have a little wheel of them similar to this but they're cut in half for easier placement. I can't tell from your pix if these are the same thing or not. They're really annoying to get on...but they look good!

  7. Oh no, these are called bullion beads, steel balls, and so many other names. lol... They are the nail art ones, not the ones you put in a bottle to make polishes.

    They aren't pearl or cut in half. They are whole tiny beads. Round all through. I'm going to use them again and see If I have a different take on them.

    I loved them on people's nails, but not so much on mine. I was playing with them too much, and almost yanked them all off my nails. lol...

    They do however looks good when done right.

    Thanks for ur comment. :-)

  8. Could you do a fish egg mani with them? Or are they too big/too heavy for that?


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