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Nail Polish Sales at ULTA + Blabs

Hello Ladies

How are you doing today?
Thanks for stopping by to read. I am a girl who loves talking, and a vlog would probably be better for all I have to say today, but errrrr.... I can't really vlog right now, so I hope you're in a mood to read? Yes, Yes you are... lol.. It'll be worth your while, I hope. :-)

Picture gotten from Google
Two days ago, a friend of mine told me about sales going on at ULTA, so yesterday I decided to go check it out for myself.

A quick story before I go on about the Sale... :-)
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For Christmas, I got some gift cards because when I was asked what I wanted for Christmas, I could only list nail polishes I had on my wishlist but was hesitant to buy with MY money. Lol... I was quick to say everything I wanted, but since no one knew exactly what I liked or where to buy them, I was given gift cards instead!

You know what that means right? I instantly went on Amazon, Llarowe and the beauty store to get some of the most important things on my wishlist! I am beyond excited and can't wait to show you ladies all I got when they arrive in the mail. Some of my stuffs have arrived, but I'm being patient so I can make ONE post with lots of pictures instead of spamming you with different posts.

Anyway, I had some more cash left on my gift cards, so I knew ULTA was the place to go spend it when my friend told me about the sale going on.

Now here's the good news. ULTA has 50% off on polishes such as O.P.I, ZOYA, China Glaze, Orly, Revlon and so many others. I would like to believe that this isn't happening at my ULTA only, because I did a quick google search before making this post, and found out that some other ladies in other states have said the same thing.

Run to the nearest ULTA near you if you'd like to add to your nail polish collection ladies.

Picture Gotten from Google

Picture gotten from google
As I stated before, I was pretty excited when my friend told me about the sale, and I went in there hoping to snag some more ZOYA polishes, but O.P.I stole the show because I don't currently own any O.P.Is, so I figured it was time to add them to my collection.

Picture gotten from
Deniz at Emeraled Sparkled Via Google, and edited by me. 
Speaking of collection, I have finally concluded and decided that I am OFFICIALLY a nail polish collector. Yes I said "Collector", not "addict" lol.
In lieu of this realization, I've decided that I need a nail polish rack or some form of nail polish storage thingy. See, I was shying away from getting a rack because I didn't want my room looking like a nail salon, BUT now, I can't cope anymore. I currently put my polishes in a bag, and every time I want a specific polish, it appears that the polish is ALWAYS at the bottom of the bag. *sigh* Basically, the bag I put all my polishes in is starting to piss me off. lol... and instead of getting frustrated over such a minor issue, I'm becoming proactive and I will get a storage thing for my polishes.

No need to pretend anymore, I have (what my friends and loved ones call) a lot of polishes, and they need to be displayed and cared for. LOL.

I also got a very lovely pink polish by Savvy called "Ice Pink" from the Lovely Marisa at Polish Obsession. She swatched the nail polish, and said the first person to send her an email stating they would like to have the polish will get it! I was excited when she replied me and told me I was the first to email her. Thanks for sending the polish really quick Marissa. She looks gorgeous!

I will make a post of all my Christmas gifts and storage space when everything is in order, but I'd love to hear how you all store your polishes, so please do share with me in the comment box. Also, if you got any polishes/nail products or nail arts as your Christmas gifts, I'd love to read about them or see what they are. Leave a link in the comment box if you have it on your blog/somewhere on the web.
I'd love to see them and drool over them. :-)

Thanks again for reading Ladies. Y'all are awesome!!!

Till later, God bless.


  1. Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time shopping with all of those gift cards! :D I'm looking forward to seeing what you got :D!
    Right now I store my nail polishes on a rack that I made out of foam core board and a crap-load of hot glue, but I'm pretty much out of space now, so I need to find new options or make another one. ^-^

  2. Yes, Yes I have Ashesela.. :-)

    I will most likely be on a "no buy" after all these though...except I receive gifts/gift cards. lol

    Actually, as a DIYLady, I should be able to make something, but I can't think of making anything that'll be able to stand all these polishes.
    It's great you got creative and made yours. :-)

    I'm looking forward t starting the new year with all I got.

  3. Hi Lizzy,followed you after seeing a comment on Nails and Stuff. I consider myself a collector too,since I seem to acquire so many more pretty bottles than I ever have time to wear. I've just about run out of storage space too.I went cheap first and got a plastic three-drawer cart with wheels at Walmart. It holds around my 300 + polishes. I should have bought two. Happy New Year to you.

  4. Thanks so much for following Natalie. I appreciate your comment and follower-ship. :-)

    I can't stop laughing because I have done the exact same THING. The same plastic three-drawer cart is what I have and will be making a post about soon. So funny! It really does fit lots of polishes!

    Happy New year to you too dear. Hope you see more of you around. Followed you too.

  5. I'm with Ashesela: I keep my polish in racks I made myself. I used foam board and hot glue with small nails to reinforce the shelves, then attached to the wall with large nails. There are tutorials on youtube, no actual creativity is required. Like you, I got tired of digging around searching for the actual polish I wanted.

  6. Glad you like the polish hon!!!


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