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Tutorial: French Tip Stamping + China Glaze (Fairy Dust)

Hello ladies...

Thanks for stopping by to read. Today, I have a tutorial for you. For a while, I was thinking of the right way to use my stamping plates that have the french tip designs on them. Every time I used the french tip designs, I either end up having the designs crooked on my nails, or not aligned in the same manner. Sometimes, I even stamp away from the the tip of my nails, and have the design close to the middle of my finger. lol..
Anyhoo, I finally thought of something and wanted to share it with y'all. You might have seen this somewhere, but I hadn't seen it anywhere, so I felt like I would share the little tip that came to me. :-)

It's nothing complicated, so I hope you enjoy it.

First, I will show you a picture of the finished result, and then we get to the tutorial. :-)
Here it is... :-)

Now, On to the Tutorial. 
Step 1: Prepare your nails. Clean it, and use a base coat of your choice. I didn't use base coat for this though.
Side note: I finally decided this is the length I like my nails. I kept them longer but finally filed them down to this length, and I really like. I feel it fits my hands better. :-)

Step 2:  (Not shown), apply a tape to create the line for your french tip. 
Side Note:  You don't have to use the kind I used (seen in step 3 picture), I was doing some house cleaning, and found these. I usually just use tape, and you can see that here . I actually prefer regular duct tape. 

Step 3: Paint your tips whichever color you want and allow it to dry. For this manicure, I used ZOYA - Purity. 
Side Note: Purity is one of the polishes I got from Zoya's past Holiday Flash promos. She's the best white polish I've used.. No streaks and covers great in two coats!

Step 4: With your tape still on your nails, Stamp whichever design you want on top of the base color. Remember to make sure your base color is dry before you stamp on it.
For this particular stamping, I used Color Club - Red-ical nomad. Somehow, she stamps as pink/purple/redish, but as you can see (the bottle), that she's a vampy red color.
The french tip design is from BM plate 218.
Side Note: Step 4 is really what brought about the tutorial. I usually take off my tape before stamping, and then I try to align my stamper on top of the french tip! Idk why I never thought to do it this way. Lol...So much easier.

Step 5: Take out the Tape, and clean your edges with a concealer brush dipped in polish remover. You can use q-tips if you don't have a brush.

 After step 5, you can either apply your favorite top coat and be done, or do something extra to your nails.

I chose to accent my ring finger with some rhinestones from the nail art wheels Ida sent to me, and I LOVE it!
After the extra flair, I whipped out my newest obsession: China Glaze - Fairy Dust, and used her as my top coat. I want to layer her over everything! She's a pretty Holographic polish. It's amazing how I went from having NO Holo polishes, to uhmmm.. Let's not talk about how many I have now. lol...
Fairy Dust is so pretty!!!

Now look at her in all her holographic goodness!!! Yay for Fairy Dust! Also, you can see my rhinestones a lot better in this picture. Aren't they gorgeous? Thanks again for these Ida (if you're reading). :-)

Ok I know this post is already Picture heavy as it is, but but.. I couldn't decide which of these picture not to put up. lol.. SO Please enjoy them all...

Here's a Video Tutorial I uploaded on Youtube: 

Anyhoo, That's it for now Ladies. :-)
Thanks for reading. Till later, God Bless.


  1. So pretty and elegant at the sametime :)

  2. very pretty! i love the idea of stamping with the tape on. i will have to try this as i never use the french tip designs because theyre so hard to line up perfectly lol =)

  3. This is very pretty!! Wonderful tutorial! ^-^

  4. Ahh see if I'd just come and read it Id have had confirmation of the Fairy Dust. I LOVE FD, it goes awesome with everything! Gorgeous manicure too!

  5. really cutie lizzy, am wishing you a merry Xmas and a Happy New year

  6. Thanks everyone! :-)

    Jess: Thanks... Glad you like my idea. As I stated, that was my problem with the french tip designs on my plates too. But NOW, I can use them all!

    Stacy, Oh Fairy Dust is soo gorgeous. She holo-lizes every manicure. Lol..

    *Holo-lize = Turns into an holo manicure.

    Destiny: Thanks so much. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance to you too.

  7. oh wow looks amazing might try do this sometime soon :)


  8. Thanks lolita! If you do try it, I'd love to see it... You can leave me a link or email it. :-)

  9. wow!! nice tutorial!! its soo pretty! i love pink and white :D

  10. How beautiful :)
    I'll try it :)


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