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I won Kleancolor's November Beauty Blast!!!

Hello love muffins...

My post today is about some Gifts I won and just received. Back in November, the Kleancolor Group I am in on facebook hosted a "novemeber blast" where members of the group were to post step by step pictures or videos of a nail/makeup tutorial.
I chose to do a Polka Dots Nails/French Tip Design and I was chosen as one of the winners. The Kleancolor representative on the facebook group contacted the winners and our gifts were sent to us.

I was expecting some nail polishes, because I am more familiar with Kleancolor's nail polishes, but I was so excited when I found out that we would be getting varieties of make-up products by Kleancolor.
See, I want more nail polishes, but I was scared they might send me polishes I already own. lol.. So when I found out we would be getting make-up products, my joy was beyond comprehension. I currently do not own any of Kleancolor make-up products, so I knew everything would be the first in my collection.

I know my blog has been more about nails, but honestly make-up is something I love as well. I guess my focus is more on nails because I kinda just got into nails and still have LOTS of practicing to do to get to where I can say, I'm satisfied.
With make-up, I'm not perfect, but I am somewhat satisfied. :-)

Anyhoo, fast-forwarding... The gifts arrived today and they all look like perfection! I haven't tried them all of course, but I can see a love relationship building with Kleancolor make-up. I already love their polishes, why not add their make-up into the midst?

The packaging arrived safe, and the products were well protected with some foamy stuffs in the box. I thought to share these with you my lovelies.
Here are pictures.

Picture of All the products I got minus one. ALL products are By KLEANCOLOR.
Top: Double rainbow palette.
Second Row: Alter Ego, 1 (eclipse),  Love me 365 Bake UTOPIA eyeshadow, Spotlight Blush (sable), Lip/eyeliner pencil (black glitter), Retractable eyebrow pencil (dark brown), KleanShow waterproof Mascara, Alter Ego metallic eyeliner duo, Ultimate Gloss (Kiss me), Moisture Lip gloss with shea butter (Adore), Silver glitter thingy, Kajal Eyeliner (charcoal)
Last Row: Multi-Use Stick (coral)

Left this one out of the group picture by mistake.
American Eyedol Wet/dry baked eyeshadow (Bayou). 

Here's the packaging. Pretty safe. 

Up-Close picture of the products.

I am pretty excited about all these! I have already fallen in love with both lip glosses. Gah! I thought I had the perfect lip gloss already, but having tried these two, I think they're giving my current lip gloss a run for her money. These KC ones apply lovely and they smell nice. I am also very excited about the Kajal and the Alter Ego (Eclipse), eyeshadow palette! Can somebody say New Year make-up will be on point?! Hecks Yeah!!! All that glitter!! I'm in love!

I want to thank the people at Kleancolor for their generousity. This is beyond amazing, and my first make-up products by you guys already have me making plans to buy more. lol... But But, I'll look out for more of your contest, so I can just keep winning more. ehhhhn? Right? Lol...

Thanks for reading Ladies. Please let me know your thoughts on Kleancolor make-up products. Do you own any of Kleancolor's make-up? Which is your favorite?
Once again, I'm new to their make-ups, but I am definitely willing to give them a try. I can't wait to try out the palettes and other things. Please let me know if you're interested in individual reviews of the products.

Till later dearies. God bless. :-)


  1. Wow Congrats!! The things you won look great! Love the sparkly eyeshadow!

  2. :O thats a lotta makeup!! wow! congrats on winning!!

  3. Thanks so much lovely ladies. :-)

    @ Nail Reflections, I am so happy with that too. The colors are totally what I would have picked!

  4. Congratulations!!! :D

  5. Nice. Have you had time to try out the products? How are they?

    1. I did try them. They are actually lovely, I Got lazy and never reviewed them. SMH. lol


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