E.L.F Metallic Madness

By Lizzy O. - December 19, 2011

Happy Monday ladies!!

How was your weekend? Hope great?! 
Mine was wonderful and full of celebrations. Some friends graduated, and *drum roll please*... My Best Friend Got Engaged!!!!

Yipppeee!! It was a fun and hectic process planning the proposal with her husband-to-be, but I'm so glad everything turned out great and now She's Engaged!!! Whooo hoo! 
I did her nails before the proposal of course... and she had absolutely no idea why I wanted to do her nails. lol...

Anyhoo... On to today's pictures! This is part of the e.l.f polishes I got from Target's website on sale.  It's called Metallic Madness and it has some scattered holos in it. I like it!

And there's nothing like blurry pictures to show you the awesomeness of scattered Holo Polishes. :-) Love love love it!

 Here's a picture of my best friend's ring.. SO Gorgeous! Congratulations!!
She chose Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Scarlet for her nails.
But I didn't bother capturing CH Scarlet's beauty because the attention is on THE RING!!!! :-)

That's it for now ladies.. :-) 
Till later, God Bless... 

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  1. omgggggg i was on a break from elf.....now i gotta go get me some! thats my fav branddddd!!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet!! Congratulations to your friend!! :D That is so great that you helped plan it! :D

    Absolutely lovely polish!

  3. Thanks Ashesela, it was fun being a part of the plan. :-)

    Oreleona, ohhh get back with e.l.f. Hurry and grab the one on the target website. 5 polishes for $5 with free shipping sounds good to me.

    e.l.f is now on my list of polishes I like. I love trying out new brands.

  4. Beautiful ring! Congrats too her! Love this elf color!

  5. I have to use my metal madness more. It really looks good. - Congratulations to your friend!

  6. Thanks ladies. She was surprised and is very excited about the proposal.

    Oh good decision Ida, I love the polish very much. :-)


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