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My EPIC Christmas Haul/Gifts

Hello Lovelies..

2011 is almost over! Oh WOW! Time flies eh?

 Yesterday, I told y'all in this post that I received some gift cards for Christmas and I ordered some nail polishes/products. Well, I wanted to make sure I made the post of all my Christmas gifts before the new year, but since I hadn't gotten most of my orders in the mail, I was patient.
Now I have some good news: I'm so glad most of my Christmas gifts I ordered have arrived in the mail, so I can make this post.

Anyway, I did all the talking Yesterday, so please check out this post if you would like to know more. Now let's get on to the pictures. No reviews will be done in this post, as I'll review/swatch each product later on in the New Year :-)

I'll start with some of the goodies I got from ULTA Yesterday.
Left to right: Zoya Paz and Danni. O.P.I A sparkle yule love, You don't know Jacques, My private Jet, Ali's Big break, Light my Sapphire and Skull and glossbones.

I also Got the new Red Angel Plates on Amazon.

Then, I've finally Gotten some acrylic paints. Ohh Weee! Nail Arts, Here I come!

So many colors, I'm beyond estactic!

Here are some Miscellaneous gifts.
Left to right: I finally got Nubar 2010 (on amazon), Marisa at Polish Obsession sent me Ice Pink by Savvy, My best friend got me NYX girls NGP 151 Fame, and while shopping for a storage thing for my polishes, my awesome boyfriend bought and put Sally Hensen's Ice Queen inside the box. I was so excited when I saw the polish! Ice Queen automatically has a special place in my stash now. :-)

Next, I got my first Julep Maven box for only ONE CENT!!! If you're familiar with the Julep program, not much explanation is needed, but if you're not familiar with the Julep program, I will be reviewing this later, so stay tuned for that post. For now though, Let's just enjoy my 4 polishes that I got for ONLY One cent! :-)
Left to Right: Hayden, Megan, Leah and Nail therapy
And.....I've Saved the best for last. :-D
*Drum roll please*.....
My Order from Llarowe came in!!! When I first saw the package, I honestly SCREAMED! Lol.. It was like some sort of magic box opened up and I couldn't control myself. Lol.. I screamed for joy, and tore at the packaging like it was keeping me from something amazing. lol..
Llarowe's website is one I admired from a distance because I was hesitant to use MY personal money to buy the polishes on there. But since I had gift cards and it was Christmas, I decided to spoil myself a bit.

First up is the amazingly well packaged products. Leah Ann at Llarowe is indeed as amazing as they say she is. Customer service is ON POINT, and my polishes arrived in good timing/great condition!

I got 3 of my top favorites from the Brazilian company Specialitta HITS. I got 2 Polishes from their No Olimpo collection, and one of their flakies. I also Got Glitter Gal's 10 to midnight.

Here's Glitter Gal 10 to midnight. Can someone scream HOLO?!

Here are the two polishes I got from HITS No Olimpo Collection. Left to right: Apolo and Hefesto

And lastly, Here's the flakie - HITS Lambada. Lambada did NOT want to photograph well in the bottle. I hope it does when I swatch it though. :-)

Okies doks, that's almost it for my Christmas gifts. The rest of the things I got (which are not here yet) include; Essies Matte About You topcoat, Seche Restore, and some Nail art pens I got before getting the acrylics.

Thanks for viewing Ladies. I'm so glad I'm able to share these with you all, because I know you understand my excitement. Now I can't decide on which of these to try first! 10 to midnight is top of my list though.

I'd like to hear which one of these you'd like me to review/swatch first. I promise you that your opinion will be put into great consideration.

So many lovely polishes to go into this new year with! It's definitely going to be an awesome year!
I also got a storage thing for my polishes, and will make a post of that later on in the new year.

This is probably my last post of the year 2011, so I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies! I am excited to be able to share my love/creativity with you all. God bless you so very much, and HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE!!!!!


  1. Happy new year!! :D I'm glad that you got your parecels and that you could show us your epic haul! :D So many wonderful things!! Reeves paints are so much fun! XD
    I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of these! :D

  2. Loving the OPI sparkle and the holographic ones.. do you have a post where you tried them? xx

  3. Wow an awesome haul! So many I could pick from!

  4. omg the julep polishes were only one cent? dang! nice haul!! you have so many nps! i cant wait to see u swatch em!!

  5. Ashesela, I am soo glad I got them too. Makes me so happy, and I can't wait to try them all, including the reeves paint. I'm so glad you think they're fun, cos I have been so skeptical about it.

    Shannara, Thanks dear.

    Yolandaas, :-) Thanks. I'm also very excited about the holographic ones. I will be swatching/reviewing these sometimes in the new year. I don't know in what order, but if there's anything you want me to do first, please tell me.

    Nail reflections: Hehe I think I'll guard my house with bull dogs so you can't come and pick some. Lol.. j/k, but thanks.

    Oreleona, Yep, I had a discount code I used for it. Idk if it still works, but with the code you get your first box for one cent.
    The code is SHAREON but you have to make sure you cancel your subscription after the first box if you don't want to pay 19.99 each month. You also have the option get skip months if you want to keep the subscription, but not get a box each month. I'll speak more about this in JULEP box review post soon.

    Thanks for the comments Ladies.. :-)

  6. I absoloutely love the nail polishes.And I know i'm going to sound so dumb but are you goingt to use the acrylic paints on your nails ? If so I didn't know that.I love your blog btw been reading many of the post today so I followed please check out my blog as I am new to blogging and maybe follow back x Happy new year !!! http://blissbeautylife.blogspot.com/

  7. Oh you do not sound dumb. I also thought the same before I got confirmation that it was safe to use the acrylic paints on my nails (on top of other polishes) - for nail art designs.

    A lot of nail techs/nail bloggers and nail art lovers swear that acrylics for nail art is better than using regular polishes, so I decided it was time to try it. :-)

    Thanks for loving my blog. Checking your blog now, and following!
    Happy new Year to you too. :-)

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