I won a Blog Giveaway!

By Lizzy O. - December 10, 2011

Hey lovelies..

Hope your weekend is going great! Today's post is about the blog giveaway I won and I'm so excited about.
The Lovely Ida, at Piece of Pie had a giveaway on her blog a couple a weeks ago, and I entered and won! The prize was 3 nail polishes by BYS. These are my first polishes by BYS, so they are really special. I love having different brands of polishes in my stash.

Anyhoo, Ida being the amazing person that she is, added some surprise gifts to my package when she sent it to me. She also wrote me a personalized note, and I felt pretty special! Thanks Ida.. :-)

Here are the Polishes I won: Left to right - BYS: N66 Cosmic Silver, N39 Plum Delight and N22 Mint Ice .

And These are my additional surprise gift! Which I love!!!

Up close look at the first wheel. I Love the wheels because they have designs that I don't already own. Look at the pretty heart shaped stickers. 

And the second wheel...

All of them together!! Me so Happy!

I'd like to say a Big THANK YOU to Ida, for running this giveaway, and for the additional surprises. I'm so grateful!

To my lovely readers in the U.S, If you don't already know by now, I also am running a giveaway on my blog, so please enter HERE for a chance to get some lovely polishes. :-)
Sorry to my international readers, hopefully, I'll have a giveaway soon enough that you guys can be a part of.
Don't be sad though, I have a page full of giveaways that you can enter even if you're international, so be sure to check those out HERE. I love freebies, and love sharing them with you guys.

Thanks for reading darlings. Till later, God Bless. :-)

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  1. congrats!! such great prizes! i'm curious to see what you do with the holo glitters in the clear bags.. i've never seen those, they look fun! =)

  2. Aww I feel all warm hearted - such nice words about me. I'm glad you like what you got! Enjoy!

  3. Thanks Oreleona.. :-)

    Jessica, Oh, I have some things planned.. *rubs palms and fingers together*..lol.. Frankening!
    Hopefully you'll get to see them soon.

    Ida, all are real and true words! You're amazing. I love all I got! Thanks again!

  4. wow, congratulations!! I've entered a few giveaways here and there, but nothing that I've won yet. Congratulations, the extra goodies look great (:

  5. Thanks lady. Hopefully you get to win something soon. The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning.. :-D

  6. congrats lizzy, nice colors...happy for you!


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