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Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Hi gorgeous!
This year is almost over and it's really baffling! I'm all sorts of amazed, grateful, and wow... The year went so quick? Actually I think the second part of the year went so quick.. somewhere after summer, everything started moving fast. 
I hope this year has been everything you all hoped for and more? If there anything you still want done, remember you still have 29 days to get it done. 

Don't mean to bore you with my reflection message, but take a minute to reflect on this year, and be grateful for all you have. Surely somethings didn't go the way you wanted, but remember you're still alive and have a chance to right your wrongs. 

That being said, Ladies I have a Swatch of my most beloved polish from Kleancolor's Chunky Holos!
I was going to do swatches for all of the polishes, but life got in the way of that plan. 

I used 2 coats of Black Polish by Ruby Kisses as my base color and layered it with 2 coats of Chunky Holo Black.
Application of this polish was so effortless and nice. One coat did the job, but I was too happy with the effect that I had to add another coat to it. 

The only problem I had with CH black was that It does not like pictures!!! Gahh, I had a terrible time capturing the beauty that IS this nail polish. I almost thought I got a bad bottle of polish or that my camera was having problems. I used just about every setting on my camera, and used all sorts of light (except sunlight because I swatched this at night).
I scratched the Idea of a bad polish because the polished looked gorgeous on my nails, just not in pictures. I was almost about to give up taking pictures but then I tried using my phone's camera to take a picture! And Ladies, THAT did the trick! I was like.. OMG!  ..... Ok, no more talking... View the pictures now.. lol...

Behold this beauty...
Me Likey a LOT!

Black polish Alone. Don't know the name.. Sorry. :-(

So Ladies, what do you all think? 
Thanks for reading... Till later, God Bless. 


  1. Grrr - Stop tempting. I want this but can't make an order yet. You know... not untill next year. Lovely. I really want it.

  2. Sorry I'm tempting you Ida. I am also in the same shoe as you.. no purchase till next year.

    Good thing is: Next year is almost here. Lol...

    I Love this polish but sadly it didn't knock out Holo Chrome. Holo Chrome still remains my number favorite by Kleancolor.

  3. well I don't think you should compare them. cause one is holo and the other is glitter

  4. Well, it's not really a comparison, it's just that I was looking out for another one of their polishes to jump out at me and be Va-va-voom.

    And from the name, I thought they were both holos. Holo Chrome and Chunky Holo Black?
    They are both scattered holos.

  5. I so want this polish! I keep seeing it on blogs. So gorgeous! You also have very nice looking nails <3

  6. Thanks Domesticminxes. *blushing cos of the nails comment*.. Lol... You should sooo get the polish when you can. :-)

    Thanks Sarah... and thanks for helping speed up my purchasing this polish with your amazing swatch!


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