Swatch Spam and Review: Pretty Me Nail Polishes

By Lizzy O. - September 28, 2012

Sup Peoples!?!

It's a Swatch Spam kind of day over here. 
Today, I am privileged to be showing you all some Indie Polishes by a seller on Etsy called Pretty Me Nail Polishes. You might also know her as Pretty Polish n Things. 

 Bottle Shots for your viewing pleasure.

A collage of all the polishes. 

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First up is Bloo Hoo. Cute name. 
This is blue glitter in a tinted sheer blue base.
 For my swatches, I chose to layer it over Sinful Colors - Cinderella. 
As you can see, the tinted base in Bloo Hoo made Cinderella a darker blue.

Next Up is Sugar Plum.
I can't imagine a better name for this polish. It looks like sugar indeed. A Pink/Purple Holo!
 What you see is 3 coats alone. No base color used. The holo in this baby is beautiful.
In regular (no flash light) this is still a pretty polish.

Next we have It's my Party which I chose to layer over Sugar Plum. 
 True to its name, It's my Party really looks like a bunch of confetti and glitter found at birthday parties. If you don't have a good multicolored glitter, I recommend this.

Next we have Bubbly Gum.
Yes! I repeat YES!!! Glitter embedded in pink base. A ready made jelly Sandwich!
 My camera freaked a bit on the pink, but this picture is pretty color accurate. Once again, I say YES to this polish!!! Opaque in 2 coats, but I used 3 because I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved the way the glitters appear in layers.

Next up is Hard Candy. Feast your eyes on this beauty. Here it is in 3-4 coats. Yes, I know, it's sheer, but for the result, I don't mind. I Like that it's not as WHITE as the white based glitter polishes around. It's subtle and pretty.

 Since Hard Candy looks like a layering polish, I chose to layer it over Finger Paints - Go Van Gogh
So milky. And the versatility of the polish is just what makes it so beautiful. You can create a milky glitter-ful polish with any color you choose.

Next up we have Party's Over.
Shredded multicolored glitter. I Layered one coat over a mini mint green polish by Essence.
And Here's two coats. I think I like one coat more...

Next we have Lucky Lady. 
Obviously, this is like a Black Jack, Poker, type of thing. I wanted to layer it over white, but I went a different route.
 I Layered it over China Glaze - Spin me round. I love the color contrast. The red glitters really stand out.

And Last but certainly not the least, we have A Black and White Glitter Polish.
I know, I Know, we've see a lot of black and white glitter polishes lately, but I personally don't mind as long as SOMETHING makes them different from each other.
This is called Under Construction.
Here it is layered over Pomegranate Lacquer - Cardigan
 As you can see, this black and white polish has large circle glitters, bar glitter, diagonal glitter, small black and white glitters and some holographic sparkles in it. Different from the rest I have... So I welcome it! :-D

I also layered this over Jessica - Malibu Chic

Well, That was indeed a Picture Spam and Review. 

I enjoyed swatching all of these. There was no problem with the formula and the smell was fine and not offensive. 

Jeanette, the creative  mind behind Pretty Me Polish really did well on these, and her personality truly shines in each one. From the little conversation we both had, I could tell she really has a passion for creating polishes and her happy/friendly attitude really shows through each of  her polishes. 

Each Polish had something unique about it, and I truthfully like each one in its own way. BUT if I must choose ONLY one out of these, I would choose Hard Candy. I just love how versatile it is. I'm already thinking of all the many colors I'd like to turn into milky glittery goodness! Plus, I Love how it looks alone! I'm definitely going to need a Full sized bottle of it. 

If you're interested in either of these polishes or would love to check out other polishes by Pretty Me Polish. Visit her Etsy Shop, and Facebook page. 

Got any you instantly loved?
Have some already? 
Share with me my loves. 

Till Later, God Bless.

These were sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 

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