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A Gift To Remember: OPI - What Wizardry is This & When Monkeys Fly!

Hello Darlings... 
Happy New Week Y'all. 

Today I have two polishes that have suddenly become two of my favorites. 
I think they are my fave partly because of how I got them. 

Quick Story: The Lovely Tish of Cosmetish asked me for my mailing address a while back, and I gave it to her completely forgetting about it. 
Well Fast forward to last Friday, I received a package and saw that it was from her.
I opened the package and as much as I Loved the look of the polishes, it was her note that had water in my eyes.
I am not really an emotional person, but her package arrived at the BEST POSSIBLE TIME EVER!!! 
I have been doing Too Much Lately... Just been so occupied that the name Do It Yourself Lady truly defined me. I've not been asking for help from anyone because I don't want to appear weak, or stress them out with my problems. Heck, I have been powering through life like a super woman when I am just a regular human. I always thank God for the strength he has given me, but I know sometimes it's OK to fall flat and BREATHE!!! 
Tish's NOTE truly reminded me to do that! I Thanked her so much, but I doubt she even understands the impact her package and her note made in my life. THANK YOU Once Again Tish. God Bless you abundantly and I pray that You always have people around you who will lift you up when you're down. 

To everyone else: Please take time to BREATHE today. Look around you and be glad for all that you have. 
I attached an image of Tish's note to the bottom of this post. But for now, let's get to the polishes... 

Tish sent me OPI -  What Wizardry is This & When Monkeys Fly!
What Wizardry is this is my first OPI - Liquid Sand Polish. I was so happy to have this because I wanted to know what the Liquid sands looked like in comparison to Zoya - Pixiedusts

Here is WWIT.

Certainly a textured polish! brown with Gold speckles that shine bright!

Full coverage in 3 thin coats.

Look at this close up...

And Here it is blurry.. You can really see the gold this way.

Next, I decided to use When Monkeys Fly as an accent nail. And Then I matted it. :-)

What do You think? I LOVE WMF with the Matte Topcoat so much!!

This mani is still on my nails! Minimal tip wear after 2 days (Swatched Saturday Night). The Liquid Sand is holding up strong.

And Here is the Note Tish wrote me with the two Polishes.

I said it before  but her Note really came in Good Timing. I hadn't even told her or anyone I was having a rough time. It's amazing how things work ain't it? 

Y'all please Check out Tish's Blog HERE if you have time. She's an amazing Beauty Blogger!
That's it for now sugars...
Remember to Breathe.

Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. They're a great combo and look very pretty on you.

  2. I'm actually wearing this exact mani - lol!

  3. Such a sweet note :) God certainly does put certain people in our lives for a reason :) Fun polish duo, too! I'd never have thought to pair a glitter with a sand, but it looks really cool! Hugs, girlie :)

    1. You are so right my dear. God sure has an amazing way of lining things and people up.
      Thank you so much. I really love the combo too. Tish got this one right.

  4. That was so nice of her...and it looks great on you!

  5. Love that nail polish! Glitter is always perf :)

  6. Very sweet of her! I love when things come at the right time into life :) Take care keep smiling... :) :) :)

  7. Very sweet of her, and totally true.

    This colour looks magical on you.


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