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Swatches and Review: Hard Candy - Pink Taffy

Howdy Darlings!!!

Today, I have my swatches and review of Pink Taffy. This is from Hard Candy's Sprinkles collection and it was provided by Hard Candy for my honest review. 
Pink Taffy is certainly season appropriate. So Spring and bright!

When these polishes began to show up at Walmarts around the nation, I was excited!

Here's Pink Taffy  in all it's Pinkness!

What you see in my swatches are three thin coats with top coat. Two coats was definitely enough but I wanted the glitters to have sort of an "embedded" look, so I did three coats. The glitters in this are what makes this polish an instant favorite of mine.

One of the things I love about nail polishes with glitter in them is a flawless application. I don't want to have to dab or strategically place the glitters, and this one rocked my world in that aspect. Perfect application!

This polish jumped to one of my faves after application, and it was my weekend mani this past weekend.

After wearing it for the weekend, I came to the conclusion that beauty is pain. Application was flawless and amazing, but removal is a bit of a pain. Lol.. So I recommend using the foil method of polish removal,  or saturating bits and pieces of cotton ball with polish remover and placing it on each nail for about a minute, then apply force to remove the polish.

I think I had a harder time with removal because I used three coats though. Lol.. I wanted embedded glitter, and BOY, that was exactly what I got. Lots and Lots of glitter on my fingers while I was scrubbing for removal.

That little fact aside, I am completely in love this! And I see me wearing it all year round should I choose to.
I'm actually debating wearing this again as my Easter mani... It's so colorful and I wouldn't have to choose colors since this has lots of pretty colors in it.

If you're interested in this polish or want to check out other polishes by Hard Candy, Please Check your local Walmart Stores or Shop Walmart Online.
Stay in Touch with Hard Candy via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later.

**Provided for review. Opinions are 100% mine** 


  1. Love it, I'm a big fan of this collection and your swatches are awesome!

    1. Thank you so much. This is indeed a pretty collection. :-)

  2. My best friend got it and HATE it she said it was really hard to apply and started to chip next day in less than 24hrs =\

    1. Oh Hate?
      Application was certainly really easy for me. Allow the first coat to dry, and then use the second coat. Wait for it to dry a bit if you want a third coat.

      Also, she might need to use a good base coat and top coat. I had chipping in the nail I didn't use a base coat with.

  3. Our Walmart's Hard Candy nail polish shelf is totally wiped out right now so I don't think I can get this anytime soon. It really looks pretty!

    1. Aww. Sorry sugar. I hope you find it soon. It's sad they are only at walmart too.

      Wish they are in more stores.

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