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Natural Hair Update + LOTD

Hello Lovely Ones! 
It's been a while I blogged about my Natural Hair, so I'd like to do that today!

I usually have my hair in a protective hairstyle but once in a while, I like to enjoy it in all its beauty! :-D
I took some pictures the last time I had it out and in a fro but didn't get around to blog about it till now. 

Here's my baby in its glory!

I get asked which products I use a lot, so I'll just say it right now, I don't really use much. Aside from all the Parnevu Products I reviewed a while back, I only use whichever shampoo my hand grabs, and coconut oil hair sheen. 

 I'm impressed with my Hair so far and I no longer feel the urge to go back to the creamy crack a.k.a Relaxer. Lol

As a camera Lover, I started taking some random pictures of myself, so enjoy them.
I'll list everything I'm wearing at the end of the post. Lippy e.t.c

After some pictures, I cleaned off the lipstick and used my regular lip gloss because I wanted a more natural look to compliment my natural hair and outfit.

The Boyfriend managed to take some pictures of me to show y'all my full outfit.
Almost every picture he took was a bit blurry so bear with me here. Lol..

I'm so crazy about Lace lately!! I want everything that has lace on it!!

I love this very Candid shot of me. The BF Made me laugh!

And of course, A Kissy Face for you all my Loves!!!

- Top and pants from ROSS. I'd like to say These PANTS ARE EVERYTHING!!! I've made it known several times that I am always on the lookout for comfortable yet fashionable pants because I sit for long periods on the wheelchair. This one is an amazing combination of comfort and sexy! 
- Shoes from Forever 21. 

Powder - MAC NW 45
Lipstick - Kleancolor Cranberry Mix
Lip Gloss - Ruby Kisses Crystal Gloss in Dashing Diva
Eye Shadow - KISS Nude Seduction palette 
Mascara - Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express

Alright sugars, That's it for now. 
Got any question? Ask away and I'll do my best to answer!

Have a fabulous rest of the day!
Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. You look fabulous.Love the lace, too.

  2. Looking gorgeous as usual!! That shirt is so awesome!

  3. You look beautiful, as always! I love your natural hair and I'm glad you won't go back to relaxer. :)
    Have you heard of www.naturallycurly.com ? It's a wonderful place to learn about caring for our natural curls.

  4. You are too dang cute. I think that you look great always.

  5. You're adorable! These are such lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks Everyone!! Y'all are tooo kind!!!!! Thank you so much. This means a whole bunch to me.
    Every time I want to post pictures of myself on the wheelchair, a little nasty voice tries to come and speak nasty comments, But I "push" through the voice, and say "get thee behind me". It's really nice to be myself with you all.
    Although I have past the stage of caring what others think, I must honestly admit, your acceptance and warmth just makes sharing these pictures I hope Inspires SOMEBODY out there, even that much more... Amazing!

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