Color of the Year - Emerald...

By Lizzy O. - March 01, 2013

Hello Darlings... 
So, when the year began, I got word that Emerald was the color of the year.
Who makes this things up??? Lol

Anyhoo, I was at Walgreens some weeks back and saw this beautiful Polish by Wet n Wild from the Fergie collection called - Miami Spirit  and I loved the look in the bottle, so I got it. 

Here it is. 
swatches are without topcoat to show you the exact finish of the polish. Kind of Matte. 

The polish looks teal-ish in the bottle, but when I swatched it, it appeared as Emerald on the nails and in pictures. But Still had a teal undertone in some lights.

I did a Google search for Emerald and Here are some Pretty LOVELY things it brought up.. Oh My!!!
Now I'm kind of questioning if this polish is really Emerald. Lol.. But oh well.. 
I didn't care much for the "color of the year fad", but I certainly WOULD love to Own some of these jewelries. Lol

So, Do you guys believe in colors of the year? 
This is a pretty polish and I love the application. The brush was big, probably a tiny bit too wide, but overall it was fine. 

That's it for now sugars,
Till Later, God Bless.

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