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Review: eDiva Princess Beauty Organizer + My MakeUp Stash

Hello Sugar Bananas!
Hope y'all are doing great today! It's officially Spring!!! Whooo Hooo!!!
I love this season! It's one of my favorite seasons and one of the things I love to do this season is to Clean Up/Organize/throw Some things away. 

See, I am not the most organized person, but Occasionally, I get a burst of energy and I feel the need to have everything extremely organized and "at reach". 

Today, I'd like to show you a product that was sent to me for review that has perfectly helped me to stay organized in the Make-Up department. 
This is the eDiva Princess Beauty Organizer! 
Here's a look at the Storage device with all of my make-up and some nail polishes in it. 

For an extensive review and more pictures, please click Read more below because I took a lot of pictures and said a whole bunch about this baby!

First Up in this review, I'll start with the packaging!
Amazing Packaging, It came in two huge boxes that protected it and ensured it was delivered safely!

Then it was bubble wrapped for even more safety assurance! I know some people don't care about these tiny details, but I personally love when a company takes all the necessary steps to assure that a product gets to the customer in perfect shape!

The Princess Beauty organizer Came already assembled!
The only part you'd have to fix is whether or not to add the additional dividers that were included.

As you can see, this is made of a very sturdy acrylic and even my Dad said "WOW, that's really strong" when he helped me carry it to my room.
The size of this whole unit is 12" wide and 16" high.
The four corner of the bottom of the Organizer has rubbers that keep the Organizer grounded on whichever platform you place it.
There are also four additional ones included should you lose one or all of the ones that came with it. 

I am showing you all these pictures to show exactly how sturdy the Organizer is. If you open all the drawers at once, they don't fall apart! This is a big deal to me because I have the plastic storage devices that can be gotten at regular stores, and I dare not open more than one drawer at a time! Everything falls apart if I try to do that.
I'll show you later that, YES you can open more than one drawer even after you've completely filled out the device! *I know you were thinking it**.. Lol

I mentioned the Dividers that came with this device. And You can use them to Compartmentalize each drawer to your taste! You can use one divider, or two, depending on how many sections you want in a drawer.
The last bottom drawer is much taller than the rest of the drawers.
This is very nice if you're just starting out your nail Polish collection. It gives you room to have your nail polishes and make up in the same storage device.

And Here's a Picture with the Dividers inserted in each drawer.

And now, the FUN Part!!! The Storage with my Goodies in it! ;-)

Starting from the bottom - top. 

Drawer #1
To show you that the last drawer does indeed fit regular sized nail Polish bottles... 

Here I have put in some of my China Glaze and OPI Nail Polishes.
8 Polishes fit Vertically and Horizontally.

I also tried out my Kleancolor Polishes and those too fit perfectly.
Interestingly, 9 Zoya bottles fit a row, because of the shape of the bottle. (Look in the middle of the drawer to see the Zoya bottles). 

Drawer #2
Here I have My Face Products: Powder, Concealer, Lots of eye shadows palettes, pigments, singles, and my Holy Grail!! The best Make Up Brush ever - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
I really want to review the Kiss, Nude Eyeshadow Palette you see on the right and side (gold), It's amazing and it's the only reason I feel I don't need the Urban Decay naked palette!
The Four Hard Candy Eyeshadow Pigments by the front right are from a Twitter Giveaway by Hard Candy! I won them and I couldn't be happier!

Drawer #3
I have more Face Makeup! More Eyeshadow palettes, the only fake eyelashes I own (and have never successfully used...lol), and all of my eyebrow pencils, mascaras, primers!
Special Shout outs to: 
Shout out to My Holy Grail Mascara - Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express!
That Urban Decay Eye Pencil (the blue one) is THE MAIN DEAL!! Haaa, It's ridiculously bright and precise! I really wish I had more time to review makeup!
The drawers are pretty tall, as you can see on  the front row - left hand side, I was able to stack 3 Victoria Jackson Eyeshadow palettes on top of each other. If you happen to have more makeup than I do, I feel this is vital info for you, you can stack your palettes on each other. 

Drawer #4
This is my favorite Drawer!
Yes, I know it's not as full, but you see, I only started wearing lipsticks like Yesterday! Lol, not literally but I was never into lippies, I totally disliked them, and I would never buy them with my money. Then, it happened! My friends - Afrocentric Ayo, and Oreleona got me addicted to them! They would wear lipsticks and look so good, that I just fell in love and started my own lipstick collection!
What you see below is a lot to me, considering I haven't been into lippies for that long.
This is the only drawer I used a divider for because it made things look a bit more organized.
I can't wait to see how much fuller this drawer will get! Hahaha..

Drawer #5
Here I have some samples of everything from lotions to makeup, to facial wash, to mini tubes, and other small make up/lotion items. I get a lot of samples from online purchases or stores, and I like to USE them, so it's good to have them all in one place. :-)

And Finally Drawer #6
In this drawer I have full size hand creams and my most cherished perfumes. I decided to put these in here because I have two little brothers who get a little handsy when my things are lying around on the table. Lol.

And Here is the picture I promised you in the beginning.
Here, you can see the last four drawers are opened and the Beauty Organizer is still intact and doesn't fall apart or crumble down!
The Sturdiness is really one of my favorite things about this. That and the fact that I can see all of my makeup through the clear case!

I honestly didn't know I had this much makeup till I arranged them all in the organizer. I know to some of you, this is not nearly enough makeup, but I am a powder, eye shadow  and mascara type of girl, so this is really quite a lot of makeup to me. (At least for now). Lol... I am really getting into lippies lately, so I know my collection is bound to grow.

Y'all already know my Nail Polish stash is way too much to all fit in the bottom drawer, but once again, I am glad to have the extra space to store more polishes! A Polish collector *coughs* Hoarder, can never have too much space ya know? 
Also, I'd like to mention, if you have a bunch of mini bottles of nail polishes, they'll fit perfectly in the other drawers!!! (Use the four hard candy pigments for reference). 

I truly love this storage device/organizer. Before I got it, I had my makeup in so many different places! Some eye shadow palettes broke, and lotion tubes splattered all over the place, creating a huge mess! Having everything in the same place and organized makes me feel GOOD and tempted to use them all.

Ignoring the fact that this was sent for review, I truly recommend splurging on this Beauty Organizer if you're in need of a storage device for your make-up!
Since I always keep it 100% with you all, I must mention that the only thing I don't like about this is the price.

This Princess Beauty Organizer is $297 or three payments of $99. - Free Shipping for all purchases.

It's a bit on the high end for This Do It Yourself lady, but considering how efficient, sturdy and lovely it is, it's something I'd recommend saving up for.
After calculating all the makeup I had to trash due to inadequate storage, I came to the conclusion that this is very well worth the Splurge. 

If you're interested in this, please check out eDiva's Website for it and other organizers they have. 

Anyhoo darlings, That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

Beauty Organizer sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. expensive, but it looks great!

  2. It looks do good I knew it couldn't be cheap! Great review!

    1. Yahh I Know right? Lol.. You know what they say about Good looking things.. Lol, They don't come cheap sugar.
      As I stated in the post though, I would suggest saving for this if you feel you need it.

  3. Wish it had a couple more polish drawers.
    I would totally get one then.

    1. I see what you mean.
      But if your collection is not large, the space is plenty enough.
      If you don't mind bending your polishes though, you could lay them flat in the small drawers.

  4. Yay!!! I'm glad me and ayo got u into lippies!! Yesss lol that bright pink one is very pretty!!
    Omg I need this organizer in my life!! Its pricey but it looks super sturdy nd worth it!! In the future when I build my dream vanity room I'll add it to my wishlist lol :)

  5. $300.... Oh my gosh! That's crazy, you could get a tonne of just as good storage for that! Crazy. Was expecting it to be about $40-$50!

  6. It looks really cool, I like that it's see-through :)

  7. Woo this is really nice! But a little expensive for me

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