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First Official Lipsticks Review/Swatches: Wet N Wild - Black Orchid, Blushing Bali & Hot Paris Pink

Hello Darlings. 
Today I have a first of its kind review on the blog. 
I'm flat out making a post for some lipsticks!

See, I'm on a lipstick kick lately! I want all the lipsticks. I have told y'all over and over again, I wasn't really into lippies, but NOW, I want them all!!! Lol...

Since I'm just getting into the Lippy world, I have a lot to learn, although I'm starting to realize that Lipsticks are sort of like Nail Polishes, SO many colors, finishes, brands and dupes!
Also, there are long lasting ones, and uhmm, "Chew a gum and it's all off your lips" ones. Lol.. 

Right now, I don't know which colors look best on me so I am purchasing more of the drugstore brands. They are cheap, so if they don't look good on me, I don't feel like I wasted too much money. Also, I'm trying out different finishes to figure out what looks best on me. 

Anyhoo, while at walmart, I was in the Lippy aisle and I saw these wet n wild Lippies!
I Picked three different colors! 

Lookie here!

Since this is my first review of lippies, I didn't want to just bust my lips out on y'all like that. Lol.. So I did some arm swatches. 
Ok, truthfully, I just couldn't get the Lip pictures done right. I Gotta practice more before I dare show y'all some awkward lip poses. Lol. 

First up are the three polishes swatched without flash. 
Black Orchid: This is a deep red, vampy color. Very soft on the lip and has a lip balm feel to it. It's also a bit glossy (not matte), which I really liked and it was very rich in one coat on the lip. If you want a deeper look, I suggest more coats. 

Blushing Bali: This one surprised me, the finish is frosty! Certainly not a favorite of mine and it has taught me to stay clear off the frosty finishes as I did not like this very much on my lip. I love the color however! Such a soft baby pink! I'll have to look out for this color in a more creamy or matte finish. 

Hot Paris Pink: A mixture of coral, pink and red! My favorite of these three I picked up. Not too shiny but it isn't matte either. 

Below are all three Lipsticks with Flash. 

 Overall Thoughts: 
For .98 cents/lippy, I am certainly impressed with each of these lipsticks. They don't have an horrible smell/taste. Yes, I have to mention this. One of the reasons I disliked lipsticks for the longest time was because some tasted like over-sweetened candies or like chemical.
These are just like regular lip balms. No strong smell or sugary taste. If all wet n wilds are like this, I just might be a new fan!

Black Orchid will be used on those days I want a really vampy red near chocolate color on my lips! It feels like the right lipstick for a pin up look!
I am completely in love with Hot Paris Pink, and I have learned through Blushing Bali that Frost Lippies might not be for me.
Interestingly these also last a bit on the lips. Not 24 hours, but good through drinks and small munching...

So, that's it for now sugars.
I must ask now though, most of you come on here for the nail polishes, but are you an all round beauty lover?? Do you love Lipsticks? Am I the only person late to this lippy party? Lol..
 And How did I do with my first official Lippy review/Swatches?
Am I missing something?
Share with me dearies!

Till later, God Bless.


  1. You're not the only one late to the Lippy Party, infact I have yet to join. I grew up in a house where women didn't wear make-up so I have no idea where to start with most of it LOL. The only time I've ever worn it was for my senior pics in HS and I had to have it done then. Oddly enough though I still love make-up post. They let me live vicariously through others, much like hauls do. Also I thought you did a fantastic job.

  2. Love lipsticks. I'm a huge fan of Besame for their colors, vintage look, and long-lasting wear.

    I like that Black Orchid. I'll have to look for that one. Hot Paris Pink might be too pink for me. And I don't do frosts, ever. I look straight out of the 60s in frosts.

  3. I am loving Hot Paris Pink and Black Orchid.

  4. These are so pretty! :D
    I love makeup as well as nail polish, and my favourite make up is lip products! :D


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