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Swatches and Review: Julie G - Frosted Gum Drops Collection

Hello Darlings, 
Today's post is all about more textured Nail Polishes. 
These are the rave right now in the Polish World, and I must mention I like that different companies are coming out with different colors and textures. 

Today I have swatches of the Gum Drop Collection by Julie G. 
When these were available for purchase I quickly jumped on them, since they were at a discounted price. The whole collection was $20.01 plus some freebies and free shipping. 

The freebies that came with my collection were a toe separator and some eye pigment samples. 
Here's a collage for ya. 

Please Click Read More  below to view the individual swatches and read my thoughts. 

All swatches are Two coats without Topcoat except where specified.
I also thought the formula was almost opaque in one coat. But I used two for good measure.

First up is Rock Candy
This is a Teal Colored textured polish with Silver sparkles.
Certainly one of my favorite in this collection. I remember someone mentioning that a teal textured polish would be amazing, and I hope this satisfies that thirst because I love. :-)

You can see more of the silver sparkles in this picture below. I am completely in love with this.

What do you think?

 And with Topcoat:
Do you see the difference??

Next up is Blueberry Fizz.
True to name, this is blue. With Silver sparkles too.

 Look at my index finger.. the blurriness show the amazingness of the textured look. :-)

And with Topcoat:

Next up is Hot Cinnamon
This is Hot red and it has glittery finish. I didn't feel so much chunky texture in this one compared to the two above. 

 It's a beauty and one of my faves because my skin agrees with colors like this. LOVE it!!

And with Topcoat. 
(camera freaked on the redness) But this one shines extra hard and glimmers with topcoat. 

Next up is Crushed Candy
Hello Purple!!! Yes, It looks a wee bit pink but it's a true purple in person. 

This is also one with a more silver sparkle glitter effect.

And with Topcoat:

And This here is Tangerine dream. 
Orange, Summer, Give me some juice or something because this polish makes me thirsty!!!
 Seriously, I think Juice with this one!!!

 With Topcoat below:

And finally we have Sugar Rush.
In case you're thinking you've seen this, I must say, No, No You've not. That was Hot Cinnamon.
Sugar Rush  is red but it has some orange in it too.

SO bright but the finish is also very much like Hot Cinnamon and Tangerine Dream. The Texture and glitters aren't as prominent with Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, or Crushed Candy. 

With Topcoat below: 

And this brings me to the end of the swatches. 
What are my overall thoughts?
I honestly LOVE the textures! I thought all of them would be the same kind of finish but its a pleasant surprise to find that the extremely bright colors finish a little bit smoother - should I say. 
As you can see, the Glitters/texture in  Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, or Crushed Candy are a bit different just looking at the polishes. 
I Love that they all aren't gritty to touch, and I must say, if you love the Zoya Pixies, you will love these too.
I wish Sugar Rush was a different color entirely because of how close it is to Hot Cinnamon but I am not complaining. The Polish Hoarder in me can clearly see the difference. Lol.. 

If you're interested in these polishes, you might want to act fast after seeing this post because the deal to get the whole collection for $20.01 plus free shipping and free gift is only available while supplies last.
They weren't supposed to ship before March 13th (Today), But I got mine Two days ago and just had to swatch them so that those of you trying to make your decision will make it quick. :-)

Here are my goodies.
The Polishes and freebies.

Alright sugars.
Once again, CLICK HERE to make your order if you're interested.
That's it for now darlings.

Thoughts? Comments?
Write down below.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. The pink is so pretty!

  2. I don't think I was fast enough :/ Too bad, cause they're all really pretty! :) x

  3. they really look like frosted gum drops on your nails, you did a great job!! I was thinking about getting these then I got the Milani.

  4. oh wow, these look amazing.

  5. They're all really pretty! I just don't think I could wear these as it would be just begging me to pick at it with the bumpies.

  6. I HAVE to have these polishes! They are gorgeous. I have been eyeing them as soon as the blogosphere started talking about them. I wish I could have pre-ordered them cause 20 bucks is cheap for all of the pretties. Thanks for the swatches, now I think I may have to break my no-buy status :)

  7. I love your blog!
    Can you love me?


  8. The teal one is the truth!!! I wish I had a RiteAid near by.

  9. great swatches! I can't wait to get them

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  11. I love them all...Aw stupid Florida doesn't have Rite-Aids.

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