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Swatches, Review & Nail Art: Colour Gossip Nails - Love Child and Shallow

Hello Darlings.. 
Hope your days is going well!

Today I have the softest shades of polishes to show you. These two polishes made me feel girly, cute, and yesss.. completely feminine.
If you've been on the blog these past couple of days, you must have figured out I'm on a "Spring Mani" Fest!
These two lovely and soft shades by Colour Gossip are no exception darlings. When I received the package Colour Gossip sent me for review, I smiled and my heart swelled. Their packaging reminded me of Bridal Shower favors. Pictures below. 

Here are both Polishes. Left is Shallow and right is Love Child. 

Look at the packaging!! I told you! So cute! Even my mom was like "Are these for someone's bridal shower?"

Well, let's get to the swatches!
First up is Love Child
This is pink, but so close to a light lavender purple! Soft Soft beauty. 
 Application was Ahhh-freaking-mazing! Yes, A pastel Polish that isn't streaky! 2 coats and Topcoat was used!

Next up is Shallow.
Let's face it, some people are Shallow. Lol.. BUT I don't think a Milky White based polish is what I think of when I think of Shallow People. Lol.. I think, Dark, black, with like Brown and dirty... Ok .. Ok.. I feel I'm being shallow describing shallow people. Lol.. They're humans too, and we love them.. right?

WOW.. I better get back to THIS polish!
Shallow is a soft white, near gray polish.

This one was a bit streaky on first two coats. But a careful third coat and Topcoat fixed all the streak.
The result was a beautiful grayed-out white.

Welp, Next up is the part I Loved most about these two polishes!!
When I saw both of them, THEY BEGGED TO BE BLENDED TOGETHER!!! Yes, Polishes speak to me my loves.. We have a relationship like that. ;-)
I couldn't think of another way to blend them together other than a gradient mani!
So Voila!

Do you see this? This is quite possibly the first Gradient I am COMPLETELY in love with! It's so soft and soo - Yes, I'll say the word I have used almost everyday this week - SPRING!!!

Ohhh and... Another look because I couldn't stop taking pictures!!!

But WAIT! I am not done!
I couldn't Leave the dang mani alone!
You see, On Colour Gossip's Instagram page, they always show amazing fashion and nail arts, and I wanted to do something Extra Fancy with my gradients...
So I whipped out my New Pueen Stamping plates (which I will review as soon as they are available for purchase) and chose an amazing image from Pueen11!
I used the image on my Index and Ring finger....
 But I Loved the gradients so much that I didn't want to cover each nail with the art, so I settled for rhinestones on two fingers.

 *sighs*... I feel like a kid high on Candy and Soda!!!
It's been a while I did Nail Art I'm entirely proud of.
Do you like this?
Rhinestones, stamping and Skittlette ALL In One mani?!?

*Calms down*...
Anyhoo, If you love these two polishes, Check out Colour Gossip on their Website and Instagram @ColourGossipNails
That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

**Polishes sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine**


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