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HAPPY NEW YEAR - Glitter Gal's 10 to Midnight Swatch + Review


I am so Glad to have been able to welcome in the new year at church. Service was great, and I've almost lost my voice from all the wonderful singing! I wouldn't have had it any other way though! It was a wonderful time!

For my "ringing in  the new year" mani, I used one of my Christmas gifts: Glitter Gal's 10 to Midnight. 

This is one of the polishes I got from Llarowe. Llarowe has amazing customer service, and I'd love to purchase from her again. The polish has a grey base color, and it applies like a dream. This is two coats and as you can see it gets opaque in two coats.  I will let the pictures speak for now and you'll read my review at the end. :-)

Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

This picture is a bit dark, but I left it on here to show you the Holo-ness of the polish. 

As I said earlier, the base color in the polish is more grey than black, and this picture shows that perfectly I think.

Finally, what do I REALLY think about this polish?
Well, I am excited to own a Glitter Gal polish - 10 to midnight in particular because I heard a lot about it. This is my first Glitter gal polish and although I knew that their polishes come in smaller sizes, I was still shocked and somewhat sad at how really small it was considering it's price.

I hate to be the one that says this polish is not a favorite of mine. There's something about it that rubs me off the wrong way, and No it's not the price nor the bottle size. It's that it looks dull when one is not ACTUALLY looking to see the sparkle in it. I hope I'm not making anyone sad with my honest review, but the polish photographs REALLY well, and looks REALLY awesome under the perfect light.  I don't always want to shove my nails in people's face so that they will see how amazing it is. I want them to see my hands holding my phone and say "Ohh dear, your nails look good, can I see it?"... Lol...
My best friend saw the polish on my nails and was like "Did you paint your nails with pencil and applied topcoat"? Not cool dude, so NOT cool. Lol.. I shoved my nails in her face and was like, "how dare you! Look at the HOLO!" She said, "Uhmmm, yeahh... Haaalllooooo". LOL... And then after looking at my nails up close, she said "Now I see some sparkles, but Uhmm, I've seen better polishes on your nails". Hurtful!!! How can a polish look so good in pictures, but not in real life?

Anyhooo, ALL that being said, I am still glad and happy to own this polish. 10 to midnight is pretty lovely formula-wise; it applies really well in just two coats, and as you can see in the pictures, the HOLO is apparent (under the right light) and when you're looking closely at your nails. I would wear it again, but probably not sometime soon. :-)

I hope I didn't ruin anyone's lemming of this polish. I try to give MY honest reviews of the polishes I use, especially new ones that are just making their ways into the public eye. If I had read a review like mine before buying the polish, I probably would have still gone ahead to buy it, because once again, the PICTURE is just too amazing! lol...

Thanks for reading ladies. Till later, God Bless...



  1. Oh... Maybe it is the dark color. Hmm... A holo is supposed to be fun and sparkly. But if it looks like pencil then I dunno.
    Good thing it was not on my lemming list. And not ending up on it.
    Maybe brighter colors is your thing - yes deffo.

  2. I love this.. I really want to try something like this.. do you know where to buy it? x

  3. oh Ida, I think you know me more than I know myself. lol.. I think it's the dark/charcoal/grey-ish color that has been all "mehhhh" about the polish. I love the pictures cos I see more of the holo colors in it, but in person, ehhh, Hmmm, Nah!

    Yolandaas, You can get this and Many more of it's kind on http://shop.llarowe.com/
    Be ready to spend some moolah though, cos as my people say "better soup, na money kill am". Meaning, If something looks/tastes good, you must spend money to get it. :-)

  4. It looks really great in the picture. I didn't realize how small the bottles were though.

  5. Hi Lizzy, Holos are pretty in the right light...lots of light; sunlight etc....most of the time I'm not in "just the right light " for lots of rainbow effects. Which is why I prefer the multi-chromes. Have you looked at the Ludurana multi-chromes at llarowe? Reluz or Show I think would look fabulous on you and give you that "... to see my hands holding my phone and say "Ohh dear, your nails look good, can I see it?" --I like that too.

  6. Happy new year!! :D This polish does really look lovely in the photo! But most of all, I appreciate your honest review. :D I'm glad when people aren't afraid to be honest even if they go against the grain, so to speak. Well done and great review! ^-^

  7. lol at the pencil comment. i used to do that in High school in Naija lmbo!! awwn that sucks that it doest look eyecatching in real life cuz it does in the pictures!

  8. Marisa, Yeah the bottles are 0.3oz.

    Daisy, Yeah, I am realizing that now. I'll probably steer away from the black-colored holos. I'm excited to try my HITS - Apolo though. That looks like it won't disappoint. Thanks for your lovely suggestion.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants the "... to see my hands holding my phone and say "Ohh dear, your nails look good, can I see it?" compliment. Lol.. It's an amazing feeling.

    Ashesela, Thanks so much. I am glad you appreciate my honesty. My plan is to keep my blog honest and tell my readers what I really feel about every manicure/nail polish I use.

    Oreleona, Lol.. Girl, I feel you! I think we all did that. Boredom in classrooms.

  9. Bahahahaha @ the pencil comment. That's too funny. I just did a review on this one on my blog, as well. I reeeally loved it, but you're still very right by saying it looks dull everywhere outside sunlight/perfect light. I'm a hardcore gunmetal polish lover, though, so I loved it regardless. Thanks for an honest review! :)

  10. Thanks for your comment! And oh Ill definitely check out that website.. x

  11. Happy New Year! IT does look like a beautiful color! We can't love them all! Great Post!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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