Finger Paints - Asylum

By Lizzy O. - January 17, 2012

Hello darlings...

The week has officially begun now. I hope you all had a wonderful MLK day yesterday!

Today, I have Finger Paints Asylum  to show you. I showed you Julep's Chloe yesterday. Well, I decided to layer Asylum over Chloe and I couldn't be happier with the result!

Please excuse my really short pinky nails. I got too excited while filing my nails, and now it's extra short (the pinky).

Look at these lovely colors in Asylum.

A slightly darker picture to show you more of the awesome flakie-ness.

I really like Asylum, and can't wait to try Twisted. I might use a lighter base for Twisted, but these darker bases just make the flakies pop out so well!

Also, I'm expecting quite a number of nail mails. Boy! The things I get... both free and paid for! Sheeeshhh...
I see a "no buy" coming up in my near future.
Do "No buys" work for you guys? Do you have a budget or just get what you want? I'd love to hear from you, so please share with me.

Thanks for reading. Till Later, God bless. :-)

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  1. Realy love the finger paints flakies

  2. This is beautiful!! :D I love your comment about getting too excited while filing (XD!!!). Ooooh nail mail!! :D I'm excited to see what you get!

    Oh boy, no buy months are hard. I've never successfully done one yet (but I haven't tried my hardest either). I'm horrible when I see something I want, I usually get it even when I shouldn't. >.<

    1. Lol.. It was exactly what happened. I got way too excited to be filing my nails with this Nail file thingy that I own but never used (post about it soon) and when I realized how short I had made my pinky, it was too late. :-(

      I think "No buys" just make us want to "Buy, Buy, And Buy". I like to go on a sub-conscious "No buy".. lol... I've done it before and I need to do one sooooooonnnn..
      I'll do a post of all my nail mails/hauls at the end of the month. That way I have them all combined in one post. :-)

  3. Asylum is a really pretty flaky.

  4. Thanks to everyone who likes this. They are really prettier in person too. I thank Finger paints for making flakies we can Totally afford. It's amazing!


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