Have You Joined The Cult?

By Lizzy O. - January 27, 2012

Hey ladies,
This is just a quick post. 

Tonight, Cult Nails announced on their facebook page that if they reach 4,000 Likes, Two "culties" will be picked at random to win an entire collection of their awesome polishes. I'm sure you've heard about "Cult nails Polishes". 

Head on over there and like their page right now, because not only will there be two random winners if they reach 4,000 Likes, they will also have a one day sale where all polishes will be $5 each when they get to 5,000 Likes. 

Join the Cult, Click HERE to like their facebook page. 
I know you love freebies, especially freebies by wonderful companies. Go ahead, Like their page now. 

P.S: OMG!!! I have More than 100 followers right now?!?! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! *SCREAMS*
I Love you all.. And Yes Yes, Giveaway coming soon!!! *Excited*

Thanks to all my old and new followers. Y'all are awesome.
Till Later, God Bless. 

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  1. I just liked them. :)

    AHAHAHAH, I LOVE your response to getting 100 followers XD!!! Lmao XD! Congratulations on 100+!! :D

  2. OMG!!! Traci of The Trace Face Philes just became my 104th Follower!! Okay, NOW I'm REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ashesela.. I am really excited here!!

  3. Congrats Lizzie on the followers...you deserve it girl! I have "liked" Cult Nails...fingers crossed they hit the big 5K soon! Thanks 4 sharing :)

    1. Thanks Holly!

      And Oh Yes dear, That 5K is What I'm really excited about. That one would be worth it and THEN SOME! Lol... Ohh Wee.

      As for sharing, Oh dear, You know "I got y'all".. Can't see something good and not tell my lovely friends. :-)

  4. Congrats on your followers :-)!!

  5. Congrats!!! Here's another follower. :D

  6. @Lizzy

    ...haven't been on blog in a while! Just bought some new zoya colors in Pippa and Maya, will share on my blog sometime! You are so nail crazy, happy you are happy! Keep it up girlie :=)


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