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HITS Speciallita - Apolo Swatch (From No Olimpo Collection)

Hello my loves...

I'm excited about today's post!
When I saw swatches of the No Olimpo collection, Dionisio was the first polish that I wanted, but that was only normal because I tend to want just about every polish that has purple in it. I decided to get away from my comfort zone, and I fell in love with Apolo after a second look at all the polishes in the No Olimpo Collection by the Brazillian nail polish company Speciallita or HITS as most people in the nail world call them.

I could explain in details what this polish is really like, but darlings, I'll let the pictures speak. You might want to grab a tissue before scrolling down though... [Drool alert].. lol..

Application of the polish was a breeze. What you see here is 2 coats of Apolo. I used Julep's Nail therapy as my base coat, and didn't use any topcoat, because I didn't want to risk dulling the holo-effect. This polish photographs well, but believe me when I say It looks EVEN better IRL (In real life)! How so right? How can what you see in these pictures be even better looking IRL? Idk my loves, Idk! There's magic in each bottle maybe? lol

I tried to "run-away" from the holo by placing my hand in "awkward and different" positions, but Oh no.. Apolo wasn't having any of that. It packs a great punch of holo-ness with every twist and turn of the hand. It doesn't care about the lighting in the room either, you still see the awesomeness!

*Sighs*... *Looks at nails IRL*... *Goes back to typing*. The only BAD thing about this polish is that it makes me want to go on Llarowe's website to get all the other polishes in the No Olimpo Collection.
Apolo is a beauty! I was speechless as I was painting my nails. Tears were almost welling in my eyes, as I knew There and then that it was Crucial for me to own the rest of the Polishes in "Hits Speciallita No Olimpo Collection". 
*Tries to rationalize not buying other polishes in the No Olimpo Collection* Surely, they can't all be this amazing? Right? I got lucky and picked the most amazing of the bunch. Right? Oh, who needs the rest of them in the collection? Who? Me? No, Not me! Well, Uhmmm..
*Looks back at nails IRL* But But.. if they all are as good as Apolo, I will be doing myself a great deal of injustice if I don't own them. Right?  RIGHT! Yes, I deserve to own them all.. ALL of them I say, ALL OF THEM! Lol...

And there's nothing like a blurry picture to show you more of the amazing HOLO-Ness!!

Alright Ladies. I just added to my new year resolution. I'm adding "Own all of the No Olimpo Collection" to my list of to-do's for 2012. Lol.

This polish really beats my expectation AND THEN SOME! I will gladly be a rep for Hits. Their polishes don't lie. lol..
What do y'all think about this polish? Am I crazy, or do you see it too? Do you own any polish by Hits? Do you want one now?

Thanks for reading ladies. Till Later, God bless.


  1. Wow, this is SO PRETTY!!! :D :D!! Hahaha, I like your new 2012 resolution to own the whole collection. XD

  2. OF COURSE you NEED them all and me too LOL :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  3. Thanks! The gym went great.. :)

  4. I LOVE this color. I ordered Ares, Hera, and Zeus my first go around, but this one, Dionisio, and Atena are on the list for next time. I'm actually wearing Ares right now! I want every polish from the No Olimpo collection, as well! You picked a good one, for sure!

  5. Ooooh this is super pretty! I love that your to-do list includes owning this whole collection, lol! Great post =)

  6. Thank you so very much ladies.

    Courtney, sweet. Will you be posting about Ares soon? Not that I need another picture to drool over. lol..

    My plan is to be a good girl this year, so I can get as much gift cards as I can so I can buy these polishes. Lol...

  7. Lovely, lovely lovely...I own it now :)


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