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January Nail Mails/Nail Hauls (Picture Spam)

Hello fabulous beings...

Hope you're doing fine today?
A while back I stated that I would try as much as I can to combine my nail mails/hauls into one post at the end of each month. Well, these are majority of the things I got this month of January.

*Opens eyes wide*.. *Giggles*.. SO MUCH GOODIES!!

First up is my Sally's beauty Supply Haul.
I got a new bottle of Seche Vite and Sally's was having a "Buy one Seche Vite, get a free China Glaze" Sale, so I picked up China Glaze's Up all Night. Then The Orly Shinning Star was on sale, so I got it too. Picked up the three Finger Paints I really wanted even though my Sally's had all five, I wanted only these three (Twisted, Asylum and Flecked). Pure acetone just because I read somewhere that it does something.. lol.. and some nail art brushes for my Acrylic Polishes I got during Christmas.
All These were less than $15. WIN! All hail the power of couponing! Lol..
left to right: Seche Vite, China Glaze - Up all night, Orly - shinning star, finger paints - twisted, motley, asylum, 10 pc. Nail art brush set. Pure acetone. 

 Next up is my real Julep penny box. The one I thought was my penny box, was actually the January box.
Left to Right: Julep Chloe, Helena, Kim and Fast dry Top Coat

Next up.... This is actually not a January Purchase. I got this during my Christmas haul on ebay, but it got here in January. They are two-way nail art pens.

I used some of these, and I think I like them, but there are way too many.. lol.. Each of these comes with a pen tip and a brush.

Then, a Friend of mine gave me an Amazon gift card, so I decided to get some much needed dotting tools. The description on this said each dotting tool was a different size, but when I got mine, they were all the same size at both ends. One end was larger than the other end, and all 5 were like that. I called amazon CS, and they refunded my gift card, but told me I could keep the dotting tools. Another WIN!!

Next up are some polishes I got from ULTA. I was in Ulta with a friend of mine, and my friend paid for these! Yet another WIN! They are Ulta's Exclusive Holiday polishes.
China Glaze: Mistletoe Me!, Fireside Glow (holo), and Ultamate Holiday (Holo).

Boy, This is getting longer and Longer... Maybe this combined post was a bad Idea? Lol...
Up next is a Polish I got FREE from Color Club's Facebook Page. Every Friday, Color Club has this thing where they post a bottle of nail polish and people have to guess what it is. I guessed right, and got the polish I guessed. This is called De-Luxe-Cious. Look at the pretty box it came in.

Color Club - De-Luxe-Cious

These are two polishes I forgot to photograph with the others. The Revlon is from Ulta, and the Sally Girl is from Sallys. 
Revlon Temptress, Sally Girl Simple.

I also satisfied my lemming of Orly's Fowl Play. Picked it up on eBay cheap.
Orly Fowl Play.

Next up is my order from Zoya!!! I Loves me some Zoya!!

I lucked out on these. Remember the Last Zoya Promo? Get two polishes free, pay shipping? Well, I didn't want to pay shipping so I decided to sit it out. When the new polishes from the True Collection were available for purchase/pre-order, the promo code was still working, so I decided to try it since I would pay shipping for the polishes in the True Collection anyway. Well it turned out that when I used the promo code, it gave me shipping free, my two polishes (Ki and Codie) were free too. I only ended up paying for the other four polishes I picked from the True Collection! Another WIN!
Zoya: Ki, Tru, Skylar, Maisie, Chloe, and Codie

These were my favs from the True Collection by Zoya. I'm not crazy about having "complete collections". I only get the polishes I like. :-)

 And I Saved the best for last here... Ohhh boy... I'm excited about this one... lol...
The Lovely Jess at LuvMyLacquer sent me the most AWESOME Nail mail EVER!!!
A while ago, I helped her to name one of her franken Pink Aurora, and she said she would make a ring with the nail polish and send it to me. I was so excited because as gorgeous as Pink Aurora was, I knew it would make for lovely polish jewelry.
Interestingly and surprisingly, Jess included one of the polishes I've been Lemming and have searched EVERYWHERE for! Revlon's Whimsical is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the air and ever since I set my eyes on the polish, I've searched everywhere for her. Whenever I did find her, she was way too expensive and although I wanted the polish, I wasn't willing to shed too much money for it. Well, It was Super Heroine Jess to the rescue on this one! She sent me the lovely ring, Whimsical and some other lovely goodies! The nail art stickers are my first, so I'm pretty excited! And as a nurse, I just love the Hand Sanitizer.. lol..

Needless to say, The candies were gone quick! My little brothers and I devoured them. lol.. Yummm!

Here's an up-close look at my new baby Whimsical!
Revlon Whimsical

And take a look at this beautiful ring!!! Pink Aurora is a beauty! Jess even used a purple base for the polish. The purple doesn't really show, but in the right light, it pops!

Yes, another picture of the ring... I love it! Thanks a bunch Jess :-)

My Stickers and another picture of the gorgeous heart shaped ring!! SO Valentine's day Appropriate. Speaking, Of valentine's day, and gifts... Jess is having a giveaway on her blog, so be sure to check it out and enter for a chance to win some lovely Zoya Polishes.

  And Here's the Lovely Note She wrote me. Such Pretty handwriting! And Awww... Peace, Love and Nail Polish? I love that, and I see myself saying that now. Lol...

PHEWWWW.... That's it for all the things I've gotten. This month was good to me. Lol.. I still have some goodies that haven't gotten here yet, but I'm kind of glad for that. Any more polishes in this post and I'll be tagged "the crazy polish lady". lol...

Anyhoo, I decided to do this "Monthly nail mail/nail haul post", so that I don't have so many posts on my blog about nail mails. It sounded like a good idea then, but now, I don't know... maybe I'll just post things as I get them? I get so anxious to show you guys the beauties I get, and I don't think I can tolerate the waiting any longer. Lol... I was waiting for some mails before I make this post, but after getting my package from Jess, I couldn't wait any longer and I had to make this post. lol... I'm so excited to own the beautiful ring, and whimsical.

So, I have a question for my lovely readers. Do you prefer the combined "nail mail/nail haul" post, or should I just post things as I get them? The Ultimate decision is still mine, but I would love to read your opinions.

P.S: Uhmmm... Seeing as I'm a very good girl *coughs*, and I have Awesome readers (OMG! Almost 100 followers), I picked up some goodies for you guys too, and as soon as I get to the 100 followers mark, a giveaway will be coming your way!! Ohh Yes darlings... You'll love some of the awesome goodies I have for you! How does an international giveaway sound?
I'm sitting pretty as I paint my nails to get to that 100 mark. ;-)

Thanks for reading. Till Later, God bless.


  1. Woooeeee what an amazing month!! :D I love what Jess sent to you (that ring is amazing and so is Whimsical). :D It is so fun reading about nail mails :D. Hmm, I think whatever you choose for nail mail posts is good! :D Either way I love looking at them. XD
    OOO I'm looking forward to that giveaway!!! :O :D

    1. Yes Yes.. I love reading nail mails too.
      I'll decide what to do about posting later. Kinda like the whole combined thing, cos then they're all together.
      Thanks a bunch, and ohhh we're just 4 people away from the giveaway. :-D

  2. Whooooooa!! Man did you get tons of GOODIES this January!! Every single thing looks awesome. I'm so glad you love the ring & Whimsical. It made my day to know you were so happy & appreciative! Oh, & I'm jealous of your Zoya's! Well everything, really! Ha =]

    1. I sure did. The nail polish fairies love me! Lol... Thanks for allowing the fairies to use you to add to my list of awesome goodies this month.

      I am still ever so grateful. I hope you don't get tired of hearing me say "Thanks". lol..
      *Hides Zoya's in a box far far away...lol*

  3. would you believe I spent the day looking for whimsical an I am pretty sure it has not been launched in India:(
    and I love tat

  4. WOW! I'm still drooling in jealousy from this post LOL! I actually liked the huge nail mail format, it all being in one place gives more room for inspiration! I am so happy that you got them all on sale too, nothing better than a bargain - well done!

    International giveaway is a fantastic idea...and congrats on your growing number of followers they are well deserved xo

    1. I also nominated you for the "I love your Blog" award...check it out here: http://hookedbyhollysagemini.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-love-your-blog-award.html

    2. Awww Thanks Holly. I am also totally liking the Huge nail mail format.. It just takes a little while compiling it and then waiting to show you guys stuff can be a bit nerve wrecking..lol...
      I Love my bargain buys and freebies!!
      And Yes, I will finally get a chance to reward my international followers. I'm glad. Thanks for the sweet comment on deserving you all. :-)

      Thanks for the Blog award. Awww.... Sweet! Going to look now.

  5. Waw what a lot of great stuff!!

    1. Indeed... and Some things are missing here... *shakes head*. lol

  6. Eek! I follow by email and so I don't think I counted as one of your followers. So, I just added myself with the friend connect option and you're up to 96! I wonder how many others follow just by email, that could possibly mean that you're over 100!
    I love the nail hauls, either all at once or several times throughout the month. Makes me feel better about my trips buying nail polish :)

    1. Ohh weee! Thanks for following publicly, And now we need just 4 more people... This giveaway is closer and closer.. :-D

      And Oh dear, I'm such an enabler aren't I? Lol @ "It makes you feel better". lol..

  7. Glad I'm not the only one getting polish like crazy. lol - Made 2 orders yesterday for 50 polishes. And lets not talk about the order I made the day before that. YOu got some great stuff! *sneaks in and takes whimsical and the cute cat stickers*

    1. Ida..lol... What is becoming of us?? 50 Polishes?!?! OH Mi Gohhhh!! We need to get on some "No buy" trip lady!
      *Runs after you to take back my whims and stickers*... Not that easy lady.. These are MINEEEEE!!!!!!! *Evil laugh*.. lol....

      I can't wait to see the polishes you got. Such an enabler I am... lol..

  8. Great haul! I'm seriously drooling, lol! That ring is too cool!

    1. Lol.. Thanks. The ring is indeed gorgeous.

  9. Great haul! I see alot that i would like to get! Your gonna have so much fun with it all!

    1. Yeppers.. Can't wait to have time to play with all these.

  10. wow these are all lovely.. I almost ordered those finger paint ones (the flakies) .. but they were only available from the US so they would take long to deliver.. are they good?
    and im still trying out the seche vite top coat.. i have mixed feelings... have u ever done a review of it? xx

    1. They are wonder dear. There are some I don't see a need for if you have certain other flakies like Nubar 2010. But I would recommend Asylum, Twisted and Motley if you're thinking of getting any.

      The Seche Vite is amazing! I did I review that never saw the light of day.. Maybe I need to do another or dig up that old review. Seche is wonderful, I can't say enough about it. :-)

  11. omg that is such a niceee haul!! i cant wait to see swatches!! and almost 100?! YAY!! i'm so so excited for you :D!!


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