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My Nail Polish Storage + Stash Pictures

Hello Ladies...

How are y'all doing? I hope the new year is treating you well?
A couple of days ago I told y'all about how I was tired of having to look for polishes in the bag I was using for storing my nail polishes. I went on Amazon and other wesbites to look for a nail polish rack, but the prices on those were uhmm, way too much. Well, since the bag was no longer working and I didn't want to shed so much $$$, I decided to go to walmart to see if I would be able to pick up something else I can start using as my nail polish rack/storage thingy.

After changing my mind on what to get for the 100th time, I settled for a small 3 drawer storage box. My nail polishes are not in the 200s yet, so I prayed that the 3 drawer box would be enough.
Great news: When I got home and put all my polishes in the box, they all fit, and there was room for more (I don't think that's a good thing though. lol... room for more?!?!)

Here's what the drawer looks like. (I didn't get a picture before I placed in all my stuff). 

Now Let's Take a Look inside Each Drawer.
In the First drawer, I placed in my "brand name" polishes and polishes that I had a collection of 3 or more polishes. As you can see, I arranged by brand, not by colors, because I try not to get two of the same colors (except by mistake, or if there's a big difference i.e, glitters etc). 
From left to right: Zoya, O.P.I, Color Club, China Glaze, BYS, E.L.F, Wet n Wild, Sinful colors, and the rest are Kleancolor.  Is it obvious which brands I love most? Kleancolors and Zoyas have my heart. :-)

In the Second Drawer, I placed my my other brands that I don't have much of, or that are not "big brand names". On the right hand side however, I have my top coats, base coats, black polishes, white polishes, cuticle oil, and Nail art polishes. I placed all these together because I use them quite often. I love having my white/black/topcoats and basecoats all in the same place. 

Since the third drawer was pretty much empty, I decided to place my cleaning devices in there. As you can see, I have Zoya's remove+ (which I never did a review of?? WOW!). Well, How about I shamelessly insert a review in here right now? I got this two polish removers free during Zoya's last promos. It works really well and the smell is superb!
I also have Zoya's color plate + swatches that came with an order I made. My Acrylic paints are also in here, as well as my face masks and scotch tape. :-)

Finally, Here's the little bag you see on the drawer in the first picture.
This is where I put my "Nail art equipment". I have my stamping plates in there, my stamper/scraper, some brushes, dotting tool, nail files, rhinestone wheels, bullion and other miscellaneous stuffs.

My Julep Polishes, glitter gal polish and Hits Polishes arrived after I took the picture of the first drawer. But I inserted the polishes in there, and they are skinny enough that they fit in without me having to take out any other polish.

And here's a Final look of the drawer. 

I am so happy with this, that I can't even explain my joy. I didn't have to "create" room for it my room, because it fits right in between my bed and my dresser. It's like the perfect home for it.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see each polish in the drawer, but boy was I wrong! As you can see, my stash isn't too big that I wouldn't know what kinds of polishes I own. When I open the drawer, I know which brand I want, I steer towards the brand, and I can see each polish from the top, and I just pick it. No more struggling to get  a polish. Phew! Call me happy!
Side Note: If you decide to get something like this for your nail polish storage, make sure you don't put the wheels that come with the drawer at the bottom. When the wheels are at the bottom, the drawer is not firmly placed on the ground, which makes it tip over when you open up a drawer full of polishes. (Yes I learned the hard way). lol..

Anyhoo Ladies, That's it for how I store my polishes. So Glad I'm starting the year off by being organized.

I'd Like to hear about how y'all store your polishes. Also, what do you think about my storage space?
Did anyone try to count my polishes? ;-)

Thanks for reading. Till Later, God Bless.


  1. I'm So happy for you!! I love the clear drawers! Great way to have your stash nice and safe!!

  2. Lol.. Yolandaas, from what I see on other nail bloggers page/stash, I have NOTHING. Lol.. I've seen people with 1500 nail polishes. Yep, "MySimpleLittlePleasures" Has that much. She's amazing at water marbling.

    Nail Reflections, Thanks so much. It really does my polishes safe and they look nice. So glad I decided to get it finally.

  3. dang lizzy thats a lot of nail polishes lol i bet ure still gonna make use of the "room for more" lol and buy more! lol i cant wait till u swatch all of them!

  4. *hides face from Oreleona*.. *using high pitched voice*... I am not going to buy moooooorrr...

    Errrrr, Who am I Kidding! Lol... hahaha. More more more!


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