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Swatches of Zoya Paz, Danni and Yara

Howdy darlings!

Today I have swatches of some Zoya Polishes to show you. With the Zoya promo going on right now, and more promos coming up this year, I know it must be hard trying to decide which colors to pick! Well, what better way to decide than to see what the polishes really would look like on your nails. 
Here are pictures and my review of these three Zoya Polishes (Paz, Danni and Yara). 

First up we have Paz. This color screams Summer to me. Paz is a deep orange polish and the finish is kind of matte/neon-ish, so a top coat will do it good if you want a glossy finish. Zoya's website gave this polish a 4 for being opaque, but I disagree with that. Paz is very sheer. What you see in this picture is 4 coats! Even after 4 coats, I had what we call VNL (Visible nail line). Interestingly, my camera doesn't show the VNL, but IRL, I can still see under my nails. If you have short nails, 2 coats will be good enough, because you shouldn't have to worry about the see through line. Application was easy though, and next time I use this polish, I'll use a white base so that I don't have to use too many coats to make it Opaque.

Secondly, We have Danni. I truthfully own her because she's purple, but she's such a pretty purple. As you can see, Danni has some silver microglitters in her. It shimmers even under low light and makes for another pretty summer manicure. Danni was opaque in just two coats

Lastly, here's Yara. I got Yara after hearing so much about her! I am not disappointed with Yara but I am not a big fan of greens. Yara has gold micro-glitters in her. She's opaque in two coats.

That's it for now ladies. I'd like to know which one you like more? All of them make me so ready for summer! I'm tired of the cold. 
Thanks for reading. Till Later, God bless. :-)


  1. I have Yara and I think it is so beautiful. Danni looks stunning!!!

  2. i need the orangr one!great colour!!La Folie 

  3. thank I just viewed your blog and you do awsome nails.

  4. I love colors that jump out at you! Paz is that I love it! The others are really pretty! But Paz is my favorite!

  5. Stunning all color suits you

  6. Girl, just ordered some nail polish yesterday from Zoya. I think you will like pippa in yellow, really nice color. Maya is cool too. The orange is nice and might be a fun trend this spring.

  7. Lovely! If only I can get my polish to look so great


  8. Thanks ladies! I did something funky to yara and I think shes slowly winning my heart over.

    I'm such a bright color loving girl, that it takes a while for me to like colors like yara. I'll make a post of my transformed yara mani soon.

    Destiny: yay! U used the promo ehh? Sweet! I almost got pippa the other day, but decided against her. Now I want her. Lol

    Mally: you mean polish application? Its not too hard to do. I might do a video soon.

    Nail reflections: I love paz too. Shes so bright and looks good against my skin.

  9. pippa is a great spring color, can't wait to enjoy it in the summer or spring.lol love ya girl!I think you would love it :=)

  10. Oh Yes! She'll be a great summer color. Love ya too!


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