A Twisted Fowl Play?

Why Yes it is!

I'm sure most of you have heard about Fowl Play by Orly. It's from the Birds of a feather collection, and ever since I saw it, I wanted it. I got it at a very reasonable price while "window shopping" on ebay.

I also picked up some of the new flakies by Finger Paints, and one of them is called Twisted. A lot of you have seen swatches of Fowl Play, and most of you have seen swatches of Twisted over black nail polish. So, instead of boring you with the same kind of combos over and over again, I decided to layer Twisted over Fowl Play. The result? A TWISTED FOWL PLAY. A.K.A, Flakie shimmery goodness.  lol..

Not much talking needed here, so let's get to it. :-)

And Just so you'll see what a big difference Twisted made, Here's Fowl Play alone...

And for good measure, Here's a Video.. :-)

Thanks for viewing. Till Later, God bless.