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Inspired: Black and Silver

Hello Ladies!

Hope y'all are doing well on this fine day?
My Nails for Today were Inspired by the lovely Bregje over at Oooh Shinies! Two days ago, while I was making my frequent "Blog rounds", I came across this post by Bregje and just fell in love!
I immediately wanted the design on my nails! As a classic Do It Yourself Lady, I was so glad I had the RA plates and I got to work. I was tempted to use different colors for my mani, but there was something extra special about the Black and Silver that I just didn't have the heart to use other colors.

Here's my version of the Black and Silver mani. Be nice ladies.. :-)

Oopsie, too much cuticle oil/hand cream here.. Makes me wanna say Ooooh Shinies! Lol... (Get it?)

I Just love this design on the RA plate 106. Bregje had good eyes to pick this one out. I didn't even notice it!
The Black nail Polish I used is by Ruby Kisses, and the Silver is Wet n Wild Metallica.

 Does this design remind you of some sort of optical illusion?

Forgive me for the picture spam, But I am so excited about this mani. Needless to say, It's still on my nails, and I'll be rocking this for 3 days or so... (So help me Lord). lol.. It's too cute for me to just clean off right away. I better dig in my picture folder and see if I have some "unposted manis" so I'll have something to post for these next couple of days.

Special Thanks to the amazing Bregje for this inspiration.
Here's a quick story about Bregje: Oooh, Shinies! was the first nail blog I added to my web browser's bookmark! Bregje's website was my secret obsession way way way before I decided to start my own blog. I know Bregje doesn't know me personally, but her blog has a lot to do with my love for nail polish/nail art most especially stamping! I learned about Konad from her blog, and I remember spending hours on amazon, eBay, and other websites just to get the best deal on Konad! Lol...
I eventually got a deal on eBay for my first plate (m57), a black Konad special polish, a stamper and a scraper!
Boy was I happy when I got my mail! I had a hard time at first, but I always went back to look at Bregje's pictures, and I told myself "you can do this Lizzy"!

Bregje is a queen at stamping! Always so perfect and her color combinations are beyond amazing! I truly am glad that I finally re-created something she made. Thanks for the inspiration Bregje. Keep doing what you do! I'm forever a fan. Honestly!

Alrighty then ladies... That concludes my post for today! I hope you enjoy this mani as much as I do! Even my boyfriend said it was "cool"! It looks way better IRL. If you have this RA plate, please use it... lol.. You will love the result!

Till Later my lovelies. God Bless. :-)


  1. This is so lovely!! Brilliant stamping! :D

  2. i love thiisss !! i follow you,i wish follow me back ;)

  3. That is a HOT nail look!! You've done really well...there is so much detail in this one, I love it!

    1. Thanks so much. I am glad for the inspiration to do it. :-)

  4. This is beautiful! You've done a great job with the stamping, I wish I were that good! But practice makes perfect I guess...

    1. Yeah practice definitely makes perfect. You should keep trying, I'm sure you'll be able to do it too. :-)


  5. Wow looks great!

    my day got worse :-(

    1. Oh dear, that's sad. Sorry to hear that. *hugs*...

      I'll pray it gets better dear. *cheer up*..:-)

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comments ladies. :-)

  7. Aww, you made me speechless, thank you so much for your sweet words! I had a hard time with stamping too at first, but indeed "you can do this Lizzy" and it clearly shows :) Your mani turned out great!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Hearing from you that I did great makes me scream and giggle like a little girl. Thanks so much. .

  8. wow this is so NICE! i love the elegance vibe it gives!


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