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Julep - Helena swatch. Plus, Get your first Julep Box for just a Penny!

Hello my loves.. The weekend is here, and I've got great news for you!

I received my Julep Box that I got for a penny! Apparently my last box wasn't the penny box, it was the January box I chose not to cancel.
Anyhoo, since I thought that the last box was my penny box, I was expecting my January box, but it never came, so I decided to call Julep's Customer service, and they were so kind to tell me that it was my penny box that got lost in the mail. The lady said she was sending me my penny box immediately, and I got it a couple of days after our convo.

Can I just say, I love this box more than my first! I like the polishes that come with my "It Girl" Profile.I would post pictures of all the polishes, but I am planning a post for my January haul/nail mails and will show you everything I got once I have everything in hand. I don't like bits and pieces of nail mail posts. So I have decided that I will do monthly nail hauls/nail mails at the end of each month, except it was a surprise or something way way important.

Ok, enough with the talking.. Today, I have a swatch of the beautiful Helena by Julep! My goodness, this polishes totally cures my lemming for Zoya's Charisma!

Helena is not a thick polish. She is a running liquid, but she was interestingly opaque in three thin coats. I advice you start with a thin coat and build opacity.
*I didn't use a topcoat for these swatches.

 This beauty is hard to photograph. She's more of a purple than the near-pink you  see in these pictures. I did a quick google search and found out that I'm not the only one who thinks Helena  is hard to capture. She's a gorgeous purple however, and if you are like me, and want every purple polish you can get your hands on.... Helena is your go-to girl!

This next picture is very very close to what Helena looks like in real life. She's a hard one to photograph, but I don't mind that because this polish is beautiful in real life!

Helena is yet another polish that makes me ready for summer. Sheeeshhhh!!

Alright ladies, Now let's get to the second part of my title. How to get your first Julep box for a penny! Yep, you read that right!
This is a limited offer from Julep so you need to hurry up and take advantage of it now. If you know all about the Julep program, and are ready to snag this amazing deal, I urge you to please sign up with MY REFERRAL LINK. Remember, you can just get your first box for a penny (Yes, I mean ONE cent!!), and choose to cancel the subscription after you get your first box. If you are wondering what the Julep program is, Please Click here to learn more, or go on Julep's website to read more about it. 
Finally, Yes, I get some bonus when you sign up with my link, but that is not why I'm telling you about this. This is an awesome deal if you would love to try out Julep polishes. When you're ready to order, and get your first box for a penny, Just use promo code: NEWYEAR2012

That's it for today ladies. Thanks for viewing. Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. Very cool and beautiful polish! :D Thank you for letting us know!! ^-^

  2. my gawd!!! this polish is BEAUTIFUL!!! its such a lovely shade of pink!! i neeed to get a penny box!!1

  3. Thanks Ladies. You're welcome Ashley.
    Oreleona, sweet! Let me know if you get it. :-)

  4. I wish this was available here such a fantastic deal...and of course the colour is beautiful!

    1. Awww, Sorry. :-(

      It is indeed a pretty color though. :-)

  5. Thanks Ladies.. It's slowly becoming a favorite of mine.. :-)

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