A Twisted Fowl Play?

By Lizzy O. - January 23, 2012

Why Yes it is!

I'm sure most of you have heard about Fowl Play by Orly. It's from the Birds of a feather collection, and ever since I saw it, I wanted it. I got it at a very reasonable price while "window shopping" on ebay.

I also picked up some of the new flakies by Finger Paints, and one of them is called Twisted. A lot of you have seen swatches of Fowl Play, and most of you have seen swatches of Twisted over black nail polish. So, instead of boring you with the same kind of combos over and over again, I decided to layer Twisted over Fowl Play. The result? A TWISTED FOWL PLAY. A.K.A, Flakie shimmery goodness.  lol..

Not much talking needed here, so let's get to it. :-)

And Just so you'll see what a big difference Twisted made, Here's Fowl Play alone...

And for good measure, Here's a Video.. :-)

Thanks for viewing. Till Later, God bless.

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  1. It went from nice to gorgeous!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jess. It was an interesting combo to do. I like it..

  3. That's so shiny and pretty. I love it!

  4. This combination looks very pretty on you!

    I cried & cried until I finally found Fowl Play. I wore it for the first time & I didn't really care for it. The colored flecks just didn't seem to pop. I combined it w/ Essie's "Shine of the Times" & got lots of compliments, BUT Fowl Play just may end up going to my sister. :(

    1. Oh dear. Honestly I also didn't enjoy Fowl Play on its own... But I see that it has potential, and it's somehow purple, so I automatically love it. lol...

      I thought it would be an obvious flakie, but it isn't. I love using it with other flakies like Twisted though.. I'll try sponging it next time, and do variety of things with it.

      Sorry the color is a bit disappointing, and if you think it'll be more loved by your sister, go ahead and give it to her.. :-)

  5. I like Fowl Play, I've seen it on special recently too...hmmmm maybe I need it? BTW love this combo, I'm also bored of seeing flakies over black.

  6. You've been nominated for the I Love Your Blog Award.
    You can pick it up if you like :-)

  7. its pretty alone but the twisted enhances it more!! lovely combination!


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