Butter London - The Black Knight

By Lizzy O. - April 06, 2012

Sup Chikitos and Muchachos!!!!

Lol.. Idk what I just said, but you get my drift. 

Hope y'all are doing great!

I've got my swatch of Butter London - The Black Knight for you all today. I got this polish together with my Deboran Lippman - It's raining men, with the Ariva.com deal I posted a while back.

I was all sorts of excited when I saw that this polish was available for purchase. I had to snag it cos I heard so much about it and kinda loved the swatches I saw online.

Well, The Black Knight is now mine, and sadly, I don't love it. :-(
I don't love it on me, I just am not feeling it. I tried to really like the polish. It was sheer at first coat, but after a 2nd thicker coat, it got opaque and I liked it a bit more. 3 coats later, I got to an opacity that made me happy.

But the Polish still didn't look good on me. :-(
In a way, it still looks pretty, but in another way, I was expecting to be head over heels in love with it. Lol..
I can be hard to please sometimes I know.
Butter London - The black Knight

 Since I didn't like it alone, I decided to Jazz it up a bit.
Well, That was a bad Idea because my jazzing just made this look even more weird. Lol... I used Color Club - Sugar Plum Fairy  for a free hand french tip design.

Let's just say, If I didn't have a "I swatch, I post" policy, this mani might not have been featured on my blog. It wore well on me for a day, but I couldn't stand the french tips for more  than a day. lol... I picked at it cos it looked like I dipped the tip of my nails in sugar or crushed ice.. lol.. 

Do you have The Black Knight or are you lemming it? I hope I didn't spoil the polish for you. lol... It's just not my kinda polish. Still pretty in its own way, but I think It'll need a new home. :-D

Anyhoo, That's it for now darlings. Till later, God bless. 

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  1. i AM lemming it! i love how you jazzed it up w/ the tips, but i agree, i couldn't live with it THAT long. thanks for swatching!

  2. It's on my lemming list. Sigh. I love the french tip you did! Beautiful!

  3. This looks so pretty on you!!! It is a shame that it wasn't what you hoped. I love the tips you did. :D

  4. Oh man, this has been on my wish list since I first saw swatches. I think it looks good on you!!

  5. oooh shinny! i like it!! i like the french tips as well :)

  6. This is one of my favorite Butter Londons!!! Looks fab on you =)

  7. Alright, Y'all need to quit. Lol.. I'm tryna get rid of the polish y'all! Lol... Quit saying it looks good on me. Hahahahaha...

    Now I'm starting to see that it does kinda look "good". LOL..
    Dang.. What have you guys done now. Lol...

  8. I have the black knight, and when I wore it I layered it over black.

  9. Too bad you don't love it, but it looks fantastic.

  10. I think it complements your skin tone well! Maybe a second swatch is in order, after a week or two. I've been eyeing this one myself:)

  11. I think it looks good on you!


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