Christmas Day Nails

By Lizzy O. - December 26, 2011

Hey lovelies...

Yesterday was Christmas day, and today, I will be showing you what my nails looked like on Christmas day.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas?

I wanted to do a free-hand design for Christmas day, but between last minute gift wrapping, fixing my hair, and so many other things I had to do, I scratched the idea of free-hand design, and went with something kind of easy, but still very Christmas-y.

Enjoy the pictures. :-)

Love all the shine and colors. Looks like beautiful Christmas lights on my nails.

 I didn't apply polish to all of my ring finger because I wanted to add rhinestones to the rest of the nail. But after adding one line of rhinestones, I liked what I saw and decided to stop there.

Here are the Polishes I used. Left to right: China Glaze - Fairy dust. I just want to use it for everything. 
Sinful colors - Queen of beauty, Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Scarlet, e.l.f - Golden Goddess.

Nails and polishes... (oopsie, spilled some polishes on my palm.. lol).

I really enjoyed doing this and love it very much.

For tips on layering glitter polishes, please check out my Tutorial page.

Thanks for viewing ladies. Till later, God bless. :-)

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  1. Very beautiful manicure!! I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas! :D

  2. I did, thanks dear.
    I see (on your blog), that you had 2 fabulous Christmases as well. :-)

  3. theyre so pretty!! and i like how you put the rhinestones on the 4th nail!

  4. So pretty! Love the Stones! Happy Holidays!!

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