100+ Followers Giveaway

Hello Darlings..
Hope you're doing fabulous!
I've been busy and I finally have some free time to post this and schedule some other posts. I'm busy as a bee, and no longer have time to paint my nails everyday. :-(
I will however keep posting as I do my nails, or if I have things to share. I'm still here, so don't miss me too much. :-D

Okie doks, On to today's post!
For starters, I want to say you guys are awesome, and I thank you all for your constant support, comments, and dare-I-say, Friendship!
I've met some pretty amazing ladies just by blogging, and I have learned so much from each and everyone of you guys.

As most of you know, I started this blog because I realized I enjoyed doing my own nails, hair and also because I love freebies, and good deals. I dubbed myself "The Do It Yourself Lady" ever since I discovered youtube and blogs! I enjoy every kind of DIY project and I enjoy painting my nails. I am definitely not perfect and I don't always have the best mani on the block, but the learning process makes it all worthwhile for me. This blog is like my personal "Nail File" (pun Intended).. lol...

I love looking back at manis I've done, sharing freebies and all other form of goodies with you lovely people. I also enjoy visiting your blogs, and exploring your creativity. Thanks for being the awesome individuals you are. :-)

Okie doks.. enough of the mushy mushy talk! Lol...
Since I am so very appreciative and *cough* generous, I have decided to Celebrate having 100+ followers by hosting a giveaway!

This is an international giveaway, so everyone, including my international followers are welcomed to enter!
New Followers are welcomed as well. :-D

I thought long and hard about this giveaway, and I came to the conclusion that, although it would be plenty awesome if One person gets all the goodies I have to give, it'd be even much more awesome if I have 2 Winners!

Here are the prices to be won!

  • There will be TWO Winners. 
  • Each Winner Get's 1 of the China Glaze Ultamate Holiday. This is a ULTA special holographic Polish. 
  • Each Winner gets one of the Finger Paints Flakies. Here you can see Asylum and Flashy. You have an option in the entry form to specify which one you'll prefer. 

China Glaze - Ultamate Holiday
Finger Paints - Asylum and Flashy

  • Each Winner Gets Two of these L.A. Colors Limited Edition Glitter Brights. 
  • In the entry form, you can tell me which two you would prefer. If you win, and your choice is available, those would be the two you get. If not, I hope you'll be happy with whatever you get :-)

L.A. Colors: Purple, Blue, Silver, Gold/Bronze

And Just for FUN! I've been getting into Polish Jewelry lately (Post coming soon), so I have decided that Each winner will also get an adjustable ring made with China Glaze - Ultamate Holiday. Here's what the ring will look like.This one is mine, but I'll make one for each winner - with my Ultamate Holiday, not the one you win ;-).
You can specify in the entry form if you like big rings or small rings. I'll do my best to make you what you specified. :-)

Side Note: I can't stop staring at my ring! Imagine having this ring on, with a manicure done with Ultamate Holiday on your nails! *Sigh*...

If you choose to Share this giveaway on your blog, Please use the first picture. :-)

Good Luck Ladies. Hope I explained well? Please ask questions if you have any.
Entry is easy! Enter below in the rafflecopter widget.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that you've done what it requires to enter the giveaway, I would appreciate it if you do these things (Not Necessary, but would be well appreciated).
- Add my blog to your blog roll.
- If you're new, take a look around my blog, and leave a comment if you like.
- Tell me something about you, basically interact with me. You can answer these questions if you're running blank: Are you a "do it yourself lady"? How many polishes do you own?
- Leave your blog link (if you have one) so I can visit/follow you. :-)

A Big Welcome to my new followers :-)

Thanks for viewing. Till Later, God Bless.